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Remote Customer Support Representative (English & Spanish) job at EmpowerDB / ResourceConnect

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We are a cloud based database company serving non-profits, mostly Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault support providers. We have two products...

EmpowerDB, a cloud based database for collecting and running reports on information about the people a non-profit serves.  And...
ResourceConnect, an online chat platform for secure internal communication and chatting with people needing an organization's support.

Our customers are mostly in English speaking countries but we are actively trying to expand to Latin America.

We are looking for someone to join our team to provide customer support and assist with other activities.


  • Must be fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Must be confident and friendly
  • Must have some past work experience working with a technology company or with a technology platform beyond what's commonly used in today's professional environment

Salary & Hours:

This will be a full time position.  Hours will be 9am to 5pm, US Eastern Time.  Though there will be a lot of flexibility with hours worked.  The company stresses a family/self first philosophy.

Pay will be $1,300 USD per month.  Payments will be made via direct deposit to your bank account.

You will be an independent contractor without benefits. 

The Role:

You will be primarily responding to support requests via our online support system.  However, you will also get the occasional phone call.  Thus, English fluency and confidence in both writing and speaking are a must.

There will be a limited amount of customer needs that you will be trained on how to solve yourself.  But the majority of requests that come in will require you to collect as much valuable information as possible before sending the support request to the person on our team who can help.

The above roles will not be enough to fill a full time position.  Thus you will be also asked to...

Research and input data into our global directory of domestic violence and sexual assault organizations we are building.

Assist with data conversion projects using our in-house data conversion tool.  This requires matching up fields in customers' old databases with fields in their new EmpowerDB database.

Give demonstrations of our ResourceConnect chat platform.  (We have another staff member who gives demonstrations on EmpowerDB)

Translate various written content from English to Spanish

And any other miscellaneous task that you would be willing and able to help with

To Apply:

Send an introduction to yourself and your résumé/CV to recruit@empowerdb.com
We will not respond to recruiters or follow up emails.