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JadeMind provides consulting and development services for highly specialized domains. Our strong scientific background combined with our broad industry experience enables us to provide simple solutions for complex problems. Our current focus lies on Deep Tech applications with a special interest in AI, Cloud, IoT and Smart Infrastructure with a strong emphasis on solving problems that make the world a better place.  
Our clients range from large enterprises to innovative startups and our ongoing and diverse project-based work is accompanied by our product development. Our products focus on improving the work of professionals like us in terms of effectiveness and efficiency and our latest product will challenge Time Management at its core. 

We do what we love, focus on the essence of things and strongly believe that impossible is just a matter of perspective. 
We're looking for an experienced Full Stack Engineer to join our (fully distributed) Project & Product team to help take our service to the next level, supporting the growing needs of our clients. If you're an experienced Full Stack engineer with a special love for Ruby (and Rails) and you like to tackle challenging problems that make the world a better place, we would love to hear from you. 

Role summary

We are looking for a performance-minded Full Stack Engineer with an eye towards writing well-designed, maintainable code who will be responsible for managing and maintaining our project and product systems as well as operating related services connected to it. 
Your primary focus will be the development of products and projects in small and mid-sized teams, ensuring high performance and responsiveness of our back-end system and related services, like databases, background job systems, continuous integrations setups and cloud deployments. 
Key responsibilities 
  • Collaborating within our project and product team to develop new features, fix bugs and reduce technical debt (you will be involved in the whole application lifecycle)
  • Defining and communicating technical requirements
  • Building high-quality systems that can be (re)used and extended in the future
  • Helping set the design/architectural guidelines to make sure our codebase is improving
  • Making sure our systems are scalable and run flawlessly in the whatever cloud we need
  • Troubleshooting, debugging and fixing production issues
Required qualifications 
  • 5+ years production experience with Ruby and Rails
  • Front-End development knowledge and experience (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) 
  • Experience building & growing web applications, APIs, services
  • In-depth experience of back-end APIs (RESTful web services)
  • In-depth experience of writing tests (MiniTest, RSpec)
  • Good understanding of databases: query performance, indexes, migrations (PostgreSQL)
  • Understanding of Graph Databases and Document Stores is a plus (Neo4J, MongoDB)
  • Ability and desire to produce modular, maintainable code
  • Solid understanding and experience of Git 
  • Strong interest in continued (personal and professional) development (learning new technologies and programming languages)
  • Excellent communication skills (English) and willingness to improve. We value quality over quantity. German is a plus
  • Comfortable working in a distributed environment, with a high degree of personal autonomy and responsibility
Bonus points 
  • Experience with Vue, React or other JS frameworks incl. package managers is a plus
  • Familiarity with Cloud services (Google, AWS, Azure)
  • Experience with using Docker
  • Experience with using and deploying to Kubernetes
  • Experience with implementing GraphQL
  • Familiarity with Kanban or Scrum methodology 
  • Interest, familiarity or experience with Machine Learning (Tensor Flow)
  • Interest, familiarity or experience with IoT

Remote (JadeMind is fully distributed), preferably in Europe, where the rest of us is from to ensure overlapping timezones. We also have a several office locations available should you be located in Austria. 
The Process 

Please include your resume, salary expectations, and any code examples or open-source contributions you are personally proud of and let us know why you’re the one for us, and why we’re the one for you, in the covering message that you send. 
We’ll review the applications received and will contact you the following week. The process will include regular interviews with various team members, along with some practical tests. 
We’re looking for someone who can start soon after the interviews are done (start of July or the latest start of August).