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Remote Full Stack Ruby & Javascript developer for an HR SaaS job at HR Partner

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We are looking for an experienced Ruby and Javascript developer to join our small but busy development team as a full stack developer.  You will be working with our CTO to add new features, fix bugs, and help scope out and develop new modules for our flagship product, as well as improving our RSpec test coverage.

You will actually be working on the very same system on which you are filling in the application for this position, and we are looking for developers who can show some initiative and creative thinking to help us improve what we have now.

What You Will Be Working On

Our current stack uses Ruby on the back end, though NOT Ruby on Rails. We use a Sinatra based framework called Padrino. We also use the HAML templating language for server generated pages, and on the front end, we use a Bootstrap template with jQuery and Javascript for interactive components. Knowledge of MySQL database systems, the DataMapper ORM and the AWS PaaS stack will also be an advantage.

In the future, we are planning to move to a more modern front end framework such as Vue.js, Alpine.js or Svelte.js combined with TailWind CSS for a more reactive interface, so some knowledge of these platforms and tools will also be an advantage.

Any knowledge of building apps using the Slack API, oAuth integration, or creating/using RESTful APIs will also be highly valued. If you have done any Node.js development work, that will also be regarded favourably.

We use the standard hotfix/feature/develop/release branch development pattern via Git as our development methodology. We have a standard code review workflow within our organisation which is 2-way, so please be prepared for the fact that you will be asked to review code checked in by other developers on the team, including the CTO, as part of your learning and familiarisation of our code base and development practices.

What We Are Looking For

This is a fully remote position, suited to someone accustomed to working from home, and we are open to working with developers in different timezones from Australia, as long as there are a few hours overlap in which to discuss changes and project outcomes. There will be weekly Zoom sessions to discuss certain aspects of the project, but most communication will be via email, Slack or via our Phabricator development portal.

We are especially looking for developers with great communication skills and good English speaking ability. Your ability to write clear, concise messages, descriptions of merge requests, or bug reports is very important.

Initially, we envisage starting at around 20 hours per week, and moving up to a more full time, 40 hours per week after about 3 months.


In summary, we are looking for sound knowledge in:

  • Ruby (not necessarily Rails - A DSL framework like Sinatra is preferred)
  • DataMapper ORM
  • Bootstrap 3/4
  • jQuery/Javascript
If you have experience in any of the following, it would also be considered advantageous for your application:

  • Vue.JS
  • TailWind CSS
  • Amazon AWS SDK
  • Node.js
  • RethinkDB NoSQL
  • REST API development

Note: As part of the selection process, those applicants who make it through the first round will be asked to perform an online test of your Ruby, SQL and Javascript coding ability, which will take around 1 hour. Those that make it past that stage will be asked to perform a small PAID project for us, such as creating an interactive widget for our website, to work out whether we can work well together.

IMPORTANT: No applications from agencies or development workshops will be accepted.  As we are looking for a developer who can work closely one on one with us for the longer term, we would prefer to build a relationship with a solo developer rather than work through a project manager and multiple developers.  Thank you for your understanding.