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Remote Head of Sales job at FLT Medical

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Create something truly meaningful with ambitious entrepreneurs while building a sales team from scratch. 

We are FLT Medical. Some of the largest health systems in the country rely on our products to connect patients to evidence-based addiction treatment. 

We believe in conscious capitalism as a force for good. We align profit with community benefit at scale.

You are an expert at selling. You specialize in cold outreach, closing over the phone, and leading sales teams by example. You have closed 7 figures worth of deals in your multiple years of experience as a sales leader.

As head of sales, you will use your skills to build a valuable company that helps thousands of people find the quality addiction treatment they need.

You will work directly with the founding team as we grow into a massively impactful business. 

To begin, you will work closely with the founders to understand the nuances of the business and the industry. You will then use your experience to create the ideal sales process and build the team needed to expand nationwide.

We have secured valuable partnerships and are ready to scale a proven business model. 

You are hard-working, results-oriented, ambitious, and persistent. You love the thrill of closing deals and helping your team do the same. You are obsessed with thinking of new ways to bring the best out of your team. You are comfortable working remotely and love the idea of building a world-class remote sales team.

You have demonstrated excellence in selling in past roles and you’re excited to apply your expertise to something truly impactful. 

You are excellent at the following:
  • Efficient outreach at scale
  • Closing over the phone
  • Quickly adapting to a new industry (pick up new lingo, pacing the tone of customers)
  • Working remotely at a fast-growing start-up
  • Use of technology to maximize efficiency (CRMs, mail merge, automation, etc.)
  • Leading sales teams by example: You close sales and you help others do the same.
  • Copywriting, clear communication, and persuasion come naturally to you
  • Setting up efficient sales processes
And you meet the following basic requirements:
  • You are located somewhere in the US and can work EST hours
  • Native English speaker
  • Have access to a quiet place to work 
  • Have a solid internet connection

  • Work on something that’s making an impact in the real world
  • Join a small team where your contributions are immediately impactful
  • Flexibility with hours and schedule. Purely results-oriented. 
  • Quality pay for quality work, giant upside potential.

We’re building technology that helps connect patients to quality addiction treatment. Our products are used by some of the leading health systems in the country.

Founded by a team of Y-Combinator, TechStars, and Columbia alumni dedicated to building a profitable business that helps others.  

We bootstrapped our way to profitability and recently raised a small seed round to accelerate our expansion across the country.

  1. Write us a note that answers the following: 

    a) Give us your best personal pitch. Why are you the perfect person to lead sales at an early startup with a massive opportunity to scale? Give us some specific examples of past achievements that would relate to this role. 

    b) Tell us something that makes you unique. Maybe a unique hobby, talent, interest, belief, etc.

    c) Explain what you’ve been working on recently and why you’re looking for remote work.

  2. Send the note and your resume to chase@fltmedical.com and we will get back to anyone who does a great job of selling the value they can bring to our company!