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Remote Internal Strategist job at Hirsh Marketing

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Are you somebody who eats, sleeps, and breathes digital marketing strategies? 

Is your idea of fun binging the latest top digital marketing podcasts or reading books related to marketing strategies? 

Does it light you up to be a part of a new marketing strategy, watch it launch & scale it to success? 

Do you consider yourself an EXPERT in digital marketing? You’ve had ample experience with webinar funnels, high ticket funnels, live launches, challenge funnels, self liquidating offer funnels. You name it & you know it & love it. 

Is your dream job a job where all day long you get to create and refine marketing strategies and see them launched and executed by a team of experts?

If this is you, you might be our next internal strategist! 

Hirsh Marketing is looking for a rockstar fully-remote, Internal Strategist who can create high-level strategies for all our clients being onboarded to Hirsh Marketing, has strong interpersonal and communications skills, and is the ultimate self-starter.

Who we are:

Hirsh Marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing companies in North America with clients from the US, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Great Britain, Australia and others all over the world.

Our team is fully remote and extremely dedicated to delivering the best experience for our clients who are industry leaders and influencers in their respective niches.

Who YOU are:

  • 3+ years of online marketing experience
  • You consider yourself an EXPERT at funnels and digital marketing strategies. You clearly understand webinar funnel strategies, self-liquidating offer funnels, high ticket sales funnels, challenge funnels, live launch strategies, etc.
  • You fully understand Facebook & Instagram ads and you’re extremely numbers and goal-oriented
  • You’re in a US Time Zone and you have high-speed internet and the ability to be on several client-facing calls per week
  • You have a true PASSION for online marketing and often finds yourself listening to digital marketing podcasts or consuming training material to make yourself a better strategist
  • You have a deep understanding of Funnel Marketing strategies & the psychology of advertising to the customer journey
  • You have the ability to articulate a full marketing strategy in so much detail that there is no room for interpretation or confusion on the strategy
  • You’re extremely organized and able to break down client strategies into the small pieces that are needed to execute it such as opt-in pages, sales pages, content assets, etc.
  • You’re dedicated to problem-solving and have the ability to analyze results and create content and solutions based on the results
  • You have expert level knowledge of third-party tools such as ClickFunnels, Everwebinar, CRM 
  • You have the ability to think creatively and outside the box and you’re not afraid to try new ideas
  • You’re committed to ongoing education and training to stay on top of the Facebook platform, rules, regulations, strategies and updates for proper ad execution, implementation & client success
  • You’re the ultimate self-starter and have the ability to naturally take initiative
  • You have a continuous thirst for more knowledge and learning (avid Googler)
  • You have the ability to communicate effectively and teach a team of people

Your Responsibilities:

  • Preparing and reviewing new clients' intake forms and information prior to a strategy call so you can show up with a solid plan and agenda.
  • Run and manage all new client strategy calls using The Hirsh Process and already prepared materials. This means either optimizing/confirming an existing funnel or strategizing and creating a new funnel and strategy for the client
  • Prepare and deliver a completed client presentation document summarizing the client's strategy, goals, projections and the next steps that need to happen for either the sales funnel department and/or the ads team to take over with minimal questions
  • Create client projections for their first 30, 60 and 90 days at Hirsh Marketing and communicate those projections to both the ads team and the client in our onboarding process
  • Support the client throughout their onboarding process from Strategy Call to Reporting & Numbers call when they are officially passed off to their ads team. This means supporting with any remaining to do’s the client has in order to go live with their ads, communicating all strategy details and information to the ads team and being available for questions via our internal reporting & numbers call
  • Attend and participate in the Reporting & Numbers call when the client is handed off to the Ads team officially and all reporting is all finalized
  • Support the ads and/or funnel team with any questions they may have about implementing a new clients strategy
  • Make sure the client requirements and expectations are clearly defined for them to adhere to our timeline and prepare for ads team allocation/introduction to their team.
  • Communicate and oversee all clients who are pending in our onboarding process to the operations manager so nobody gets left behind and we are on top of all follow up needed
  • Dedication & support keeping our client timeline under 30 days to launch from the time they sign on to our roster to going live
  • Support with updating and reworking client projections if a strategy changes or is not converting after a time period on the roster
  • Support with creating internal resources for our clients and ads team such as “Organic Live Launch Strategy” and funnel training and best practices
  • Coordinate, oversee & manage the duplication of our clients' funnels for proper tracking via our tech VA
  • Project manage & oversee any of our client funnel builds in Asana
    • Manage to get copy written & approved for all funnels by our copy team
    • Manage & oversee the funnel being built and approved by the client before sending to our ads team
  • Support with all Strategy Check-ins with existing clients based on underperformance or redirection of the existing strategy. This includes having an internal meeting with the ads team to review the results a day or two before the client call and analyzes any recommendations needed to be made. Readjusting projections to reflect current stats after the client call so the ads manager can deliver. 
  • Support in any critical client case or funnel audits of existing clients. This might entail helping optimize a funnel of an existing client that is currently not performing and recommending changes in order to increase conversion rates. 
  • Support on struggling client accounts by meeting with the ads team and/or the client to rework and refigure their funnel strategies as needed
  • Stay up to date on new digital marketing strategies and manage/work with the operations manager to consistently stay abreast new and high converting strategies
  • Occasionally lead Ads team training on Facebook strategy updates
  • Support and provide insight into the Ads Team Operations Manager in keeping our ads team trained and up to date on innovative funnel & marketing strategies

Job posted 2020-08-01