Remote JavaScript Full-stack Developer (with WHMCS) job at SevenPro

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It is a new online cloud-based video surveillance system. The system is intended to provide a modern, multifunctional and secure video surveillance service via Internet. The users will be able to remotely manage and view both online and records from your cameras from anywhere in the world.
Back-end will be built with Node.js; front-end will be implemented with React.

Your area of responsibilities:
Implementation of system functions, as well as fixing bugs;
Building both back-end and front-end functionality;
On the web-server side integration with new Macroscop APIs,
Appropriate UI improvements in the user's personal account,
Bug fixing in the integration of three systems, as well as the implementation of the business logic for working with subscriptions, partnership deductions, user ratings, etc.

Skills and requirements:
At least 2 years of experience in building web applications using Node.js;
At least 2 years of experience in building React applications;
Familiar with WHMCS system;
Skills with Docker;
Strong knowledge of remote server via SSH;
Problem-solving skills.