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Life Profitability is a new publishing initiative by Adii Pienaar. It currently consists of a podcast and will soon include a published book (title: "Life Profitability: The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success") in January '21.

This role is to manage all of the content and social media initiatives for both the podcast and the book (in the lead-up to publishing of the book and beyond).


Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
  • Help identify podcast guests and create one-pager summaries for talking points prior to recording
  • Identify and repurpose the best content from each podcast episode and publish this to my various social media channels
  • In support of the book, craft compelling content that engages our ideal audience
  • Send a weekly email newsletter to my email list
  • Own day-to-day publishing on my LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. accounts
  • Lead, build and own editorial content calendar for marketing content, campaigns, events, email and social channels
  • Track, measure and report on social media campaign results
  • Do proactive outreach to find podcast guest or guest writing opportunities


Not meant to be a perfect list, but the role aims to improve these KPI's:
  • Podcast audience and listenership growth
  • Email list engagement and growth
  • Growth of audiences on various social media channels
  • Content engagement on various social media channels

The Perfect Fit Individual

I always hire people over skills and if you feel the following things mostly describes you, you should be a good fit for this role:
  • The hypothesis and values from the book (read the synopsis & preview pages, linked above) resonates with you.
  • You enjoy writing and the challenging of crafting content that resonates, engages.
  • Taking initiative is your default mode and you like the responsibility that comes with that.
  • You are really good with words and can adapt your own to closely match my voice and tone.
  • You are comfortable with tech / software (social media platforms, CMS's like WordPress etc.)
  • Bonus if you can wield tools like Canva & Headliner to create visual assets in support of the content.

The Role

I believe in enabling and empowering great individuals to work in flexible way that helps them live their best life. A few logistical things:
  • The position is completely remote and I don't mind where you find yourself. I'm in GMT+2 and once a week, I'd like a weekly sync call. Beyond that all work can be async.
  • This position can be a part-time role (~20 hours a week) that evolves to a full-time role (if you'd like that). Or for the perfect-fit individual, I can make this a full-time position from Day 1 (meaning we will have to collaborate to ensure that we ramp up activities sufficiently to make it a full-time role).
  • I can start pretty much immediately. :)