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It's time! It's TIME., established 2011, is a self-funded, profitable, tiny company that does big things. 

We are ready to combine our rather scattered marketing efforts under one umbrella and entrust our precious reputation into the hands of one person.

Is that you?

You must decide for yourself. Do you want to work for a remote company, one that runs a software booking service for thousands of customers (21,000 and counting) and over half a million free users?

We are running close to 2 million bookings a month. We have just passed the 60 million bookings all time milestone.

We are already good at what we do and we maintain a deliberately small and nimble team to do it. We are product-led and customer focussed.

So we want to spread the word that our tool is out there, and is really rather special. How do we know? Well, we don't have over 1,000 5-star reviews on G2 Crowd for nothing. Our customers love us and tell us all the time. Our product is optimized for teams, and we love working them - large and small. Companies can automate and customize their experience using our tool.

Some of the biggest names in our industry use and validate our tool. We are proud to be a partner to many schools and universities in North America, and all around the world, as a vital solution for them. And finally, we are a mainstay tool for many thousands of SME customers who just need the problem of scheduling 'fixed'.

We think more people should know about us and that's where you would come in. Because our user-base is huge, our world-wide reach is already there. It just needs to be tapped into.

We are expecting the right candidate will have:

• already worked in a number of different marketing roles, ideally for a SaaS tool, and want to take on a more senior role. You need to love tech, love tools, love automation, love data.

• worked with some inspirational teams, in different companies: you'll have executed their strategies many times and want the opportunity to lead on your own projects and do it your way.

• know your way around the pros and cons of different channels - be able to ask the right questions on what will bring us the best ROI for our goals.

• have worked with a number of external specialist agencies that are incredible at what they do, to be able to bring on board their work to immediately impact growth and scale your efforts

Your responsibilities would include:

• Develop a deep understanding of customers, customer segments and the buyer’s journey - in particular how it impacts the CAC/LTV ratio

• Create personas tied to specific customer needs and preferences

• Lead efforts to develop and manage rich content that attracts and converts a qualified audience. This may include blog posts, case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, reports, webinars, etc.

• Ensure that content reaches the right part of the conversion funnel at the right time.

• Leverage marketing automation and lead management to streamline, automate and measure all marketing tasks and workflows.

• Measure, analyze and report campaign performance with granular tracking across relevant KPIs, including but not limited to impressions, clicks, web visitors, video views, collateral downloads, leads, initial sales conversations and revenue, and create strategic recommendations for further improvement.

• Establish and grow paid and owned traffic campaigns that generate high quality leads. Optimize PPC campaign performance and make recommendations to increase conversions while reducing CAC.

• Increase quality leads across all channels, not just owned channels, including targeting qualified free users. Must be skilled in content creation supported by SEO/SEM optimization and PPC strategy

The person joining us is going to have to be comfortable following up and executing on all the details, as well as thinking big and strategically. In short, there's no room for middle managers. We need do-ers, who love getting their hands dirty. The payback is there are no hierarchies to have to convince to get your ideas out there - we will expect you to hit the ground running. You will be working with a UK / US and Spanish team who are all high performing, problem solvers.

What is on offer?

Working at can be the perfect job for someone who is looking for:

An opportunity to grow your craft inside a small team where you can be super close to the customer and product team and work genuinely collaboratively - you will develop the voice and brand of our product and how we communicate it

Transparancy - we work together to solve problems, not keep secrets from each other. We have an open salary structure in the company, open slack channels and clear accountability and decision making.

A profitable, stable, solvent company - there's no hyper-growth rhetoric here. We want to grow to solve problems for more people - to grow our tool to sustain our business and keep providing the high level service for our customers.

All the benefits you would expect: fully funded family health insurance, paid company retreats, protecting a 40 hr, calm, working week, 5% contribution to a 401k or UK pension plan, profit share after 1.5 years - we're a pretty generous company and our bottom line is not based on squeezing staff costs.

Do you want to know how to get this job?

- show us what you have done to research our company - what's the most interesting things you've found in your googling? What are the things you can see that are working, and things you'd like to dive into to find the gaps you think you could easily start fixing

- tell us about why you would like to work for a company like ours - what you expect, what you think you'd be learning

- tell us how your strengths and qualities fit the job description - what is the balance of seen it before, versus looking forward to a learning curve

- tell us who are your marketing role models - what are your go-to blogs, or books you recommend to everyone

- what are your pet peeves in marketing - what would you love to see could be done better?

- what are you favourite conferences or speakers you follow - what engagement would you expect to see with

- tell us the most wonderful campaign you worked on that you think sums up what you can offer to us - tell us a story you know will pique our interest

- try and figure out how you think we've managed so far without a full time marketer, and what challenges you can imagine we've probably got.

Put all of that in a nice concise cover letter and, along with your CV, apply using the form below - we can't wait to meet you!

Last words:

We are aware that, in the current COVID-strained times, every job is precious. As a company we have also been making our contribution to help those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. We are fortunate that our own business is about building a reliable cost-saving tool for businesses to connect with their customers remotely, so we have seen an increase, rather than decrease in business this year.

We are determined to ensure that every job we offer here at YCBM is a secure one - we take our commitment as an employer seriously. In return - we read and review every single application looking for the right match - so we urge you to read
a journal piece from our CEO on how we hire.

We absolutely will only consider candidates who are serious about their desire to work for us (it will be obvious to us the minute we look at your cover letter) so please don't expect much progress if you just send us a generic cover / cv, sorry!

This is a REMOTE Position - candidates must be legally able to work from the UK / Spain or US (EST)