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Remote Mobile Software Engineer, iOS (Swift) job at FingerprintJS

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We’re looking for an iOS developer to help us build a high performance, high accuracy online fraud prevention service. We need someone who has experience building developer-focused SDKs and tools to integrate into other applications.
This is not a job to build yet another app, it’s a research-heavy, low-level position for an inquisitive mind.
You should have:

  • Good understanding of networking protocols and communication patterns.
  • Experience building developer-focused tools or libraries for the iOS platform.
  • Excellent understanding of iOS security/privacy mechanisms.
  • Proven experience of SDKs/libraries architecture and implementation.
  • Good English

Ideally we would love to have someone who also has:

  • Historical record of open-source contributions
  • Security / Cryptography background 

Send answers to the below question in an email to with a link to your GitHub/GitLab profile.
  • How would you identify an iOS app reinstall without using built-in UUID?