Remote Senior Full-Stack Engineer job at Hugo

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Who are we:

Hugo - Connected Meeting Notes

Meetings are at the core of teamwork, where the needs of our customers are heard and their solutions brought to life. But, meetings are often a source of frustration because the way that we meet isn't connected to the way that we work.

Hugo changes all of that by connecting meeting notes to the people and tools in your company. We do this using over 20 integrations with work apps, including your calendar.

Easily prepe for meetings, action takeaways in other apps and push information out to colleagues with ease.

We recently ranked #2 on ProductHunt for best app of the day and are partnering with collaboration leaders like Atlassian, Zoom, and Slack.

We’ve been able to turn meetings into a powerful force to end team silos and help everyone work better together. We’re excellent at building beautiful products that solve real problems for our customers. Now we’re ready to bolster our engineering team to help get Hugo into more and more teams.

As a self-serve B2B SaaS business, we’re looking for a hungry, full-stack senior engineer to join our team, to help accelerate our growth engine and ship new features.

What you'll be doing:
  • Own central components of the Hugo application
  • Drive and deliver on our product roadmap, translating rough specs into features
  • Ramp up on modern web technologies and best practices that will make Hugo better
  • Become a key member of the founding Hugo team and contribute to our unique culture as much as you’ll contribute to developing elegant technical solutions

What skills/experience you need:
  • Expectations 
    • At least 4 years of full-stack development experience 
    • Knowledge of modern web technologies like React (or similar front-end frameworks) and Node.js 
    • Experience in building on top of an AWS infrastructure 
    • Experience with relational databases and SQL 
    • Experience with standard software tools - Git, continuous integration, testing, etc 
    • UI/UX experience 
    • Competent at speaking English 
  • Aptitude 
    • Product minded development - understand the business goals behind your work 
    • Excitement for learning new technologies and teaching our team new ones too 
    • Enjoys working in a fast-paced startup environment 
    • Enjoys autonomy and shaping the engineering culture and product direction 
    • Responds well to feedback and capable of giving feedback to teammates too 

How to know if you'll love working with us:

We’re a passionate, distributed and hard-working group, with diverse backgrounds. We built Hugo to solve a problem we experienced ourselves and love selling it to help other teams unleash their potential too. We pride our culture on one that welcomes people who are direct, highly collaborative and want a team that functions as an idea meritocracy - the best idea always wins, whoever it comes from.

We want you to be a part of the founding team and be able to feel pride in a few years to see the awesome product that you helped build, powering millions of businesses all over the world.

How to apply:

Apply on AngelList, telling us about your role on the engineering team of another startup, what features you have recently shipped and why you’re excited about Hugo as your next challenge. Remember to attach your resume.