Remote Senior Full Stack Web Developer job at Minute7

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We are looking for a full stack web developer who:
* Knows Ruby on Rails and can be comfortable working in the Ruby-based backend to extend its functionality.
* Is skilled building frontend and backend systems, understands how to separate systems to increase reliability and cleanly separate concerns.
* Is skilled with React and Redux so s/he can work on the web frontend and mobile applications.
* Is passionate about evolving the functionality of our app to help thousands of businesses succeed.

Here’s some background on our tech stack:
* Our backend is built in Ruby on Rails running on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
* We use PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS
* Our web and mobile frontends leverage React and communicate with our backend via a REST API. 

In summary, we are searching for a full stack developer who has Ruby experience and is interested in working in modern technologies like React + Redux. Some additional highlights about Minute7 and the opportunity:  
  • Minute7 is a SaaS company that has been in business for 12+ years and has thousands of customers. The software this candidate writes will be used daily by our thousands of users.
  • We can pay a competitive salary and we prefer candidates who can work remotely.
  • This position has long term potential to be the technical lead for a growing SaaS company with huge market opportunity.
  • We have an exciting product roadmap that includes integrating with new accounting platforms and building new features for our web app and mobile app. This position will be responsible for owning the tech stack and consistently launching new features.  
  • As a company we believe in giving employees autonomy and we always build things with the customer in mind.