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Remote Senior Integrations Developer (HubSpot Experience Required) job at Inbound FinTech

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The senior integrations developer role will require you to scope out and build integrations between various CRMs and systems, both off the shelf and custom-built. 

You will be required to consult with potential and existing clients to understand the requirements of their integration needs and translate them into scope documents that outline the integration process, flow of data and structure of data. You will also be responsible for the execution of the integration as well as the documentation of the integration for training purposes and upskilling of the development team.

Job Requirements

About you:

  • You enjoy solving complex problems
  • You enjoy retrieving, manipulating and pushing data to and from various systems 
  • You love being part of a development team that is constantly upskilling themselves and each other (weekly development knowledge shares are a thing at IFT!)
  • You enjoy implementing, automating and documenting processes


  • Understanding of data structures and data flows
  • Understanding of API documentation
  • Understanding HubSpot's API
  • Understanding of consuming Restful APIs
  • Knowledge of webhooks
  • Experience with a server side language such as PHP, C#, Java or Python
  • Experience with data formats such as JSON and XML
  • Experience with OAuth and securely connecting to APIs
  • Experience with CRM systems such as HubSpot, Salesforce and MS Dynamics is an advantage
  • Javascript knowledge and experience is a bonus
  • Strong HTML, CSS & Javascript skills would be great to have


  • Creating information flow diagrams when required
  • Creating property mapping documents to illustrate the data fields that will be integrated
  • Building integrations between systems, often bidirectional syncs, that involve securely connecting to a system, creating webhooks and web services to pick up on webhook payloads and make API calls to transfer data
  • Contribute to upskilling the development team
  • Consulting and communicating with clients to ensure smooth project management and delivery

In return you will receive:

  • Generous remuneration
  • 20 days paid holidays + 8 bank holidays
  • A fantastic work environment
  • Flexi-hours
  • Work from home/office balance
  • Training