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Remote Startup kick off... seeking 1st full stack! job at Product Feedback

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We're looking for our first employee to help us building Product Feedback!

Who we are

Product Feedback is currently composed of two co-founders:
- Quentin, who works on product and marketing;
- Kim, who works on marketing and strategy

We're both passionate about tech and have been working in this industry for the past 10 years. We're transparent, honest, and looking to have fun while working.

With Product Feedback, we're aiming to provide a powerful tool for Product Managers to get valuable feedback from their users. We think that too many Product Managers rely only on NPS surveys and their support team to gather product feedback. The secret of getting insightful feedback is to engage users in-app with joy and interaction.


We're looking for a dev ninja to join us on our journey to find our product-market-fit. This is our first hire.

You will be in charge of choosing the technology stack and building the first version of Product Feedback. You will be helped and supported in your decisions by a team of 7 senior developers who are working on our other project.

Product Feedback is a fresh new idea. We're looking for someone with a lot of dedication and a strong startup mindset that's ready to quickly adapt and possibly pivot.

You have

We strive for software minimalism, requiring:
- Test-Driven Development;
- Good object-oriented design;
- Basic understanding of REST;
- Node.js;
- React.js;
- GraphQL/Apollo;


- We’re 100% remote, everything happens on Slack;
- Paid coworking space;
- We’re focused on deliverables;
- Pretty flexible in terms of working hours;
- 5 weeks per year of paid vacation we all get;
- We make it a point to learn constantly;
- We travel to conferences;
- Salary is between 25k – 35k euros