Remote Supplier Relationship Manager job at Ebury

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You will be part of the Project Support Office (PSO) in the Technology department and manage the procurement, renewal and supplier management activities for software vendors and stakeholder relationships associated with it. You will also be responsible for the management of expenditure reporting and control within the Technology department.


  • Manage SaaS purchasing tools, ensure all invoices are correct and provided monthly to the finance department
  • Vendor management - Renew, modify, control and follow up vendor contracts to ensure SLA contracted are sufficient for business continuity and are being met by suppliers
  • Build strong relationships with key suppliers. Follow up of invoicing and solve price discrepancies.
  • Strive for cost optimization through negotiation and good usage prediction, ensuring SaaS tiers and time reservations are accurate.
  • Identify, monitor and solve incidents associated with Suppliers
  • Support the selection of new suppliers for software licensing, saas products and externalised services.
  • Monthly reporting of Capital Expenditure with Technology using data provided by the Finance team and extracted from Jira.
  • Budgeting, purchasing and assignment of software licenses required by Technology team members (including inventory management).
  • Working with HR to manage onboarding and offboarding of employees and ensure software licenses are used in an optimal manner


  • Power User of Google App Suite (mainly Sheets)
  • Knowledge of Google App Scripting is a plus
  • Proficient English speaker
  • Strong communication skills and cost-efficiency oriented
  • Has previously worked on a Technology department 
  • Familiar with SaaS purchase models
  • Proven track record of delivering cost reductions on software contracts

What we offer?

  • Work on remote-first teams, so you won’t miss on water cooler conversations
  • You will work remotely, but you will never feel alone. Get introduced to others via Donuts 
  • Live wherever you want, but we look for stability. At this point in time, we are not open to digital nomads.
  • Work autonomously. 
  • Keep 100% focused! 

We also apply Agile methodologies and organize our teams in different tribes in order to make coordination, communication, learning and productiveness key elements in our daily work. 

Due to our remote-first organisation and our remote-focused onboarding system, you will feel a crucial part of the team since day 1. Curious about what working remotely is like at Ebury? Take a look here and see what our remotes say about us!

If there’s something that you can do in our Tech team, it is growing professionally: thanks to our career path and our collaborative and cross-working teams, every day is a new adventure.

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