Remote Sysadmin / Cloud Engineer job at

Apply Now is looking for someone who is passionate about building & managing infrastructure. We are looking for someone who has the deep experience of a traditional sysadmin, and also the future-oriented skills of managing in a cloud / kubernetes ecosystem. We are blending our existing bare-metal datacenter hosting with AWS/GCP for microservices and scaling, and need your help to make sure that we're always up, stable and performant.

- UNIX/linux generalist
- 5+ years supporting php, mysql, and redis
- Traditional sysadmin skills of building hosts, monitoring, and capacity planning
- Experience with AWS or GCP, setup and control over console, CLI, and API
- Proficiency in managing Kubernetes clusters
- Particular experience with Terraform (we treat Infrastructure as a Code)
- Understanding of networking fundamentals, http, etc
- Comfortable with scripting
- Bonus: Experience with message brokers (e.g. Kafka, PubSub, Redis)

This is a REMOTE, FULL-TIME position open to anyone in the USA or Canada. You can learn more about us here: