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Remote We're looking for a fun-loving frontend Developer with a passion for CSS job at sorta rad

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Who wants to have fun at work everyday? I'm looking for someone to help me grow my new venture, sorta rad. sorta rad is a dev shop that creates products for the Statamic CMS. Knowledge of Statamic isn't necessary but is a bonus. The Statamic templating language (Antlers) is pretty easy to pick up. Statamic also uses Tailwind CSS so knowledge of that is a plus as well but not required. 

What you do need to know is HTML/CSS like the back of your hand. That's it. 

Qualifications & Experience 
  • I don't care where you've worked before.
  • I don't care about your degrees.
  • All I care about is can you do the work and have fun while doing it.
There is no way I can compete with the benefits of the big guys but I can promise that you won't be bored and you'll have lots of fun. Just show me things you've made and we'll go from there.