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Remote Senior Product Designer job at Secret Benefits

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Please don't apply if:
  • You use long buzz words when short, simple ones will do
  • You get bored improving the same app
  • You want to work for a business with a 'mission' beyond building a product people enjoy and want to pay for
  • You enjoy meetings and creating presentations more than shipping
  • You want to be part of a company that survives by seducing investors rather than clients
  • You tie ideas to your ego, so feedback becomes an affront
  • You are just starting out
  • You want to hide in a large team so you can coast
  • You see work as a chore and would quit tomorrow if you could
  • You consider your work a success before it gets real-world confirmation 
  • You seek a workplace driven by stress and deadlines
  • You need someone looking over your shoulder and prodding you for updates
  • You need your employer to provide benefits beyond a good wage, respect, and freedom to produce in peace

Still here? You might be a good match. 

We built a dating site enjoyed by millions. We care about design and have a crack dev team to satisfy our design fantasies. We hire great people then get out of their way. Few ever leave.

The founders work in design but now want to pass some responsibility to you. Show us your work, tell us your experience, and what type of design tasks cause you to lose track of time.

Job posted 2021-05-03