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Remote Senior Software Engineer / CTO job at Meetical Software GmbH

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You must be crazy to apply for this position! You will take over a codebase in motion, developed by a passionate founder together with a team which won the famous Codegeist Hackathon; It supports APIs from Google, Microsoft, Atlassian and works on both Cloud and On-premise environments; Some say impossible, others, like you, start getting it done! Browser Extensions, Add-ins and Cloud-native Apps will be the clients hammering your prod environments from almost any country in the world (currently 12!) and you must be obsessed to satisfy their demands. Logging, analytics and growth hacking contributions are a coffee break for you! Beside developing topnotch backend services together with an agile team, you will deal with state of the art authentication mechanisms, JWT-based iframe communication, security topics, new browser technologies just to name a few, and ensure both stable operations and an evolving, reliable architecture. When you sleep you'll mentally craft the next features and architecture improvements. And in the morning you'll get it done and hire your team in the afternoon. You'll work hard, play hard and have a lot of fun! A journey with unknown return date. High rewards in case of success and a chance to earn a world class reputation within the software development industry.

Meetical is on its mission to simplify work life and meetings for thousands of organizations and millions of users. We help both makers and managers to have effective meetings and free up more time to focus on deep and strategic work, while staying engaged and aligned with their team. Our main product is the Meeting Management App "Meetical Meetings" for Atlassian Confluence.

We are looking for a highly motivated senior full-stack developer with CTO qualities, as an addition to our remote team, with focus on backend / web applications (Java 12+ / Spring Boot / Atlassian Connect).


  • Awesome developer skilled in programming and software architecture design
  • 7+ years of relevant professional experience
  • Experience in building and operating SaaS products
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science (or self-thought CS fundamentals)
  • Fluent in English, excellent communication skills, ability to explain complex technical concepts
  • Profound knowledge of Java, Spring, Javascript, Node, React and database technologies including postgreSQL, Redis and others
  • Proficient with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, CI/CD (Gitlab) and other Dev Tools
  • Ability to think and work full-stack, design modern APIs and great user experiences together with Frontend/UX
  • Able to deliver features with a very low defect rate, supported by automated and exploratory testing
  • Experience with DevOps and platforms such as Heroku and AWS
  • Ready to transition into a CTO role to coach, mentor, supervise and lead additional team members


  • A challenging position where you can grow together with a passionate, motivated team
  • Opportunity to shape a unique company, best for someone who is curious about all aspects of software development
  • Be part of the core team at an early stage startup
  • Solid salary and a stake in the company (1-10%)
  • Amazing tasks, way beyond standard web applications
  • Macbook M1 and all tools you need to stay productive
  • Offsite events and international conferences with the team

Job posted 2021-04-16