Remote Software Engineer, Coding Department (Codespaces, Repositories, and Pull Requests) job at GitHub

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GitHub is changing the way the world builds software, and we want you to help build GitHub. We're looking for a software engineer to join a passionate, collaborative, distributed group of engineers on our team. 

The Coding department focuses on building features and advancing work related to Codespaces, Repositories, and Pull Requests. We work in a department-wide squad system where folks can work on any of those product areas. The Coding department is the heart of GitHub, focusing on new and exciting projects, existing features, and continuing to make these GitHub workflows better for all developers. We’re looking for full stack developers with a Rails focus. Come work on the tools you use every day!

A day in the life of a team Software Engineer

Our team is distributed worldwide which means we work asynchronously most of the time. Your typical week would include:

  • Collaborating with design, analytics, support, and product management to understand the problems we want to solve and exploring how we can solve them
  • Discussing and collaboratively solving engineering and product problems with engineering collaborators in Slack or Zoom
  • Opening a Pull Request to implement the next most important feature or fix the most critical bug
  • Responding to issues and review requests from other teams at GitHub
  • Reviewing your teammates' Pull Requests and providing helpful feedback
  • Working with your engineering manager in your one-on-one meetings to grow your team and career
  • Talking with users to discover what they love and what their pain points are
  • Rotating responsibilities for oncall

  • Pick new work autonomously and code solutions, working to unblock yourself when stuck either by reaching out for help or finding other solutions in an asynchronous, remote, distributed culture
  • Write clear documentation tests, and recommendations for technical problems
  • Collaboratively define and prioritize projects and tasks
  • Drive helpful conversations around technical issues and engineering practices, suggesting improvements and ideas as you see them
  • Review code and provide thoughtful, constructive feedback for your team
  • Triage, reproduce, and debug technical support requests, bugs, and feature requests reported by users in our Issues on GitHub
  • Provide compassionate technical mentorship, pairing opportunities, and code reviews to encourage the growth of others

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Strong written communication skills
  • High degree of empathy
  • 5+ years experience as a full-time professional coder, 2+ years experience with Ruby on Rails, and experience with a modern JavaScript framework for senior software engineer role
  • 3+ years experience as a full-time professional coder and experience with JavaScript and Ruby on Rails for software engineer role
  • Experience working asynchronously on a remote, distributed team (does not have to be professional experience)
  • Ability to learn and think critically about both system design and software engineering concepts and blend those perspectives pragmatically based on project needs
  • Familiarity with Git

Preferred Qualifications:

There are only a handful of folks who meet all qualifications. Is this you? Excellent, please apply. But we care most about developers that have a track record of caring deeply about shipping software that helps people with their work. Either way, we want to hear from you.
  • Experience building, operating and maintaining resilient, scalable distributed services
  • Experience building highly available services at scale
  • Experience with CSS and HTML
  • Knowledge of testing, profiling, and debugging practices

Job posted 2021-03-26