Remote Sr. Software Engineer (JS, Python, WebGL, AWS) job at Waymark

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If you’re strong in JavaScript and have experience with Python, WebGL, or AWS, read on.

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About You

You are an experienced senior developer excited about mentoring the more junior members of the team. You have senior-level experience with the following technologies used across the company:
  • Browser: JavaScript, React, WebGL, Redux, Emotion
  • Server-side: Python, Django, Node.js, Rust, PostgreSQL
  • Services: AWS (Step Functions, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, SQS, SNS, CloudFront, RDS, Amplify)
  • Devops: Git, GitHub, npm, Docker, Packer, Ansible, CircleCI
  • Other Technologies: Electron, ffmpeg, After Effects

Our Openings

Waymark.com Front End Developer
  • Who you are
    • You’re confident architecting a JavaScript front-end. You have favorite techniques (e.g. Redux) but are open to others.
    • You love bringing great user experiences to life.
    • You’ve tackled countless problems with React and even relied on some ref-based hacks along the way.
    • You like to bring your own touches to a user interface. If a design could benefit from an animation here or a more mobile-friendly approach there, you’re comfortable suggesting a change or implementing it and showing it off.
  • What you’ll do
    • Help Waymark continue to simplify its front end architecture.
    • Grow the skills of your teammates while learning from them at the same time.
    • Be involved in the design and implementation of new features within the Waymark editor.
Waymark.com Full Stack Developer
  • Who you are
    • You’ve worked up and down the stack of various applications. You’re confident in various techniques between client-server communication.
    • You’re confident in AWS and interfacing with “traditional” and serverless technologies like AWS Lambda.
    • You have strong experience with Django and Python or are very confident in your ability to learn them.
    • You’re very confident with SQL and comfortable with database administration.
    • Be it GraphQL, REST API, server-side component rendering; you have experience to rely on and confidence exploring new patterns, technologies, and techniques.
  • What you’ll do
    • Be a driving force in the evolution away from Waymark’s former monolithic architecture.
    • Develop internal- and external-facing APIs to interact with Waymark templates and purchases.
    • Continually test, measure, and optimize Waymark’s code.
Waymark Studio Developer
  • Who you are
    • The idea of a “new environment” excites you. You’re familiar with interfacing between various systems. And you’re up for the challenge of digging into not-so-well-documented APIs when needed (see: After Effects interfaces).
    • Maybe you don’t have the greatest knack for designing your own UI, but you’re confident in creating user interfaces within a web app.
    • You’ve spent some time with creative “pro tools” before. Be it the Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, etc. you’re familiar with the ways people use tools like this.
  • What you’ll do
    • Programmatically interface with After Effects a lot; and you’ll continue to find ways to make that a more elegant and robust developer experience.
    • Build a web app to import After Effects projects and define what parts of them are dynamic.
    • Explore ways to make easier, faster, and more reliable for creative professionals to author Waymark Templates (e.g. combining a web app and an After Effects extension into a cross-platform app).
    • Foster a workplace and codebase that is exciting to work within, celebrates creativity, and enjoys learning just as much as it does teaching.
Video Services Developer
  • Who you are
    • You probably know what FFMPEG is and you probably have some strong feelings about its CLI.
    • You’ve worked with video transcoding before; you know what’s slow, you know what’s fast, you’re at least familiar with various codecs and containers.
    • You have experience in serverless architectures that can scale when necessary. 
  • What you’ll do
    • Test, measure, and optimize the systems that handle the processing of user-uploaded media assets.
    • Maintain a system for rendering a user's customized Waymark Template into a video asset that can be distributed to TV, social media, etc.
    • Ensure and enhance the ability of Waymark's video services to scale as we continue the rapid growth of our customer base.
Waymark Web Rendering Engine Developer
  • Who you are
    • You’re well-versed in WebGL. That probably means that you’ve at least dabbled in OpenGL, Unity, or other members of the gaming/graphics ecosystem.
    • You’ve probably written a sprite-based game or some generative art before.
    • You may love shaders, you may love-hate shaders, but you know shaders.
  • What you’ll do
    • You’ll be interfacing with Pixi.js and likely writing some custom shaders or optimizing Pixi.js’s existing shaders.
    • After Effects is where Waymark templates start and our goal is to support as much of After Effects’ functionality as possible; so you’ll be helping prioritize and complete a list of gaps in our support.
    • Waymark Templates are rendered in the browser on desktop and mobile devices; so you’ll be continually measuring and enhancing performance.
    • Our creative team sometimes runs into tricky problems trying to accomplish a certain look; so you’ll probably help them troubleshoot and then determine how we can make their lives easier by enhancing our rendering engine.

  • Unlimited vacation days
  • The option to work remotely (or in our Downtown Detroit office when it’s safe)
  • Budget for your work-from-home setup
  • Weekly lunch stipend for a minority-owned business
  • Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Generous parental leave policy
  • Monthly wellness stipend
  • Working from home until it’s safe to return to the office
  • Deep sense of fulfillment in career and life choices

Job posted 2021-04-13