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Tiny Boards (Owner/Operators of We Work Remotely) is hiring a Sales Associate to take control, plan and execute on outbound sales initiatives for We Work Remotely. This role is for someone with experience independently generating and closing business and is excited about taking ownership/responsibility for our sales efforts. We have done a good job (we think) of expanding our business and growing our community, but it’s time to bring someone on to help us in the next phase of our growth. We’re excited about it, and we hope you are too. 


This job will help define the future growth of our business and continue to define We Work Remotely as the world’s #1 remote work hiring platform.

By working closely and building relationships with growing remote companies, you’ll be at the forefront of the remote work revolution. You’ll learn about the unique challenges that remote companies face. At the same time, you’ll work in a small, high performing team that enjoys the resources of a larger company but the independence and agility of a startup.

Your job consists of many things. Here are some examples of what you might be doing on any given day:
  • Outreach to remote companies based on our internal research
  • A/B testing email copy and refining our message 
  • Continual follow-ups to new and existing customers
  • Maintaining relationships and building trust amongst newly on-boarded customers 
  • Gathering data and creating a profile for non-converting potential customers. 
  • Working with management to create and refine long term objectives and opportunities that we might be missing. 
  • Creating a road map for the growth of our sales team in the future. 
  • Researching new and untapped sales opportunities


  • You have 2+ years of experience in B2B sales in SAAS or other online businesses. 
  • You have experience building sales funnel process and procedures and can give examples of successful execution. 
  • You have worked remotely and can give us examples of what you do in order to make sure you stay effective while working alone.
  • You can give us an example of what bad sales practices look like and what you’d do differently. 
  • You are a great communicator and writer.
  • You can take and give feedback candidly. 


The team working on WWR is a small group of individuals who work remotely and support each other in executing on our objectives and building the business. We believe strongly in the benefits of remote work, and are passionate about spreading that message. We write a lot about it and speak about it regularly on the podcast. We act like owners and expect a lot from each other because we believe that our mission is an important one.

We don’t care how long, or where you work, as long as you get the job done. We need you to grow our business by bringing new customers to our platform in a way that is mutually beneficial for our customers. How you do it is up to you. 

You will be working as a one-person sales team, which means you must be able to work effectively, adapt on the fly and define our sales process. You represent us as a business, and we take our reputation very seriously. We need you to be a good person to work with; which means you are professional, treat others with respect and help us grow. A sense of humour and a quality gif game never hurts : -)


If you’re interested in the role and think you can help us grow our outbound sales process, please reach out to matt@tinyboards.co with your resume and explain briefly in the email why you’re right for the job. Also include one time where you witnessed or experience bad sales practices, why it was bad, and what you would have done differently. Keep it short and to the point. This job is restricted to Canadian applicants.

While we appreciate everyone taking the time to apply, our limited resources and the volume of applicants only allows a very short email to those who were not successful candidates. We wish we could provide more of an overview and give feedback, but unfortunately, that just isn’t possible. Sorry in advance for the generic nature of these emails.