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Remote Chief of Production job at OtakuToons

Go to 'http://cop@otakutoons.com '

We’re OtakuToons and we make family friendly manga! We need someone who can take the lead on production. We’re looking for someone to do the following:

  • Create and continuously optimize our production workflow and approval process, including research for ideation
  • Out of the box thinking as to how we can move our company forward on its mission statement
  • Set up automations using a platform you choose for the above, as well as in other platforms
  • Write SOPs (standard operating procedures), content guidelines, guides, and any/everything else required to assist our manga team leads in their approval/editorial process
  • Be able to edit stories to ensure the proposed synopsis matches our Mission Statement and content guidelines
  • Be a Manager of One (and more!), someone who identifies/ideates work, implements the work, measure the work, reports the work, and optimizes the work - without being told, and without excuses 

You will:

  • Not be told what to do very often, because you’re a Manager of One (or more) [see below for more info]
  • Receive amazing perks, great pay, and profit sharing [see below for more info]
  • Be responsible for workflow, automation, and content for an entire manga production team and their team leads
  • Get to work alongside the company owners and c-level members (this is a great learning opportunity!)

In addition to being a manager of one, you should have:

  • Fantastic copywriting
  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Be calm, levelheaded, and understanding, because there are always subjective aspects to content production, editing, and moderation
  • A relatively thorough understanding of the core concepts of the Christian Bible (it’s needed for our content editorial process, we produce manga used in churches and similar)
  • Previous experience with leading others towards a shared goal
  • At least a year of experience working remotely
  • Be available at least 2 hours during the 3pm-11pm JST time zone window
  • Confidence in your ability to solve problems and implement solutions, while being humble enough to ask for input for further optimization (especially from our CPAO, Chief Process/Automation Officer - yes, we have one!)

Bonus points:
  • Enjoy Manga 
  • Experience with digital production and/or digital production workflow optimization
  • Started your own agency, company, or service (even if it’s not operating anymore)
  • Extensive knowledge of the Christian Bible

Mission Statement

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Produce manga that is appropriate for ages 4-16 but that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age

📱Make our manga available in digital and printed forms, in multiple languages

⛪️ Ensure our manga is family friendly, so much so that it can be used in churches, synagogues, and similar

❤️ Donate 10% of gross revenue to humanitarian aid (and even more via donation matching)

🥰 Provide an opportunity for anyone, from anywhere, regardless of nationality, race, age, gender, orientation, or belief to help us in our mission

Job posted 2021-05-18