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We’re a small team that builds user-friendly software for the energy industry. Our clients are some of the most under-served organizations for modern software, which is especially shocking given how important the energy industry is today and even more so, tomorrow. We are trying to bridge that gap.

Our work to date seems to have struck a nerve, and we have more than we can handle. We’re looking to add a front-end engineer to complement our two seasoned full-stack engineers. Although your role will be focused on the front-end of our applications, we expect you to be comfortable context-switching between projects and occasionally dipping into back-end routes and controllers.

We’re quite flat, so you’ll neither be asked to boss people around nor have to dutifully fall in line. You’ll pair with our devs for PR reviews and with our two product people for feature ideation sessions. We avoid politics by speaking honestly and humbly towards each other, and we intend to stay small and grow deliberately. We are hiring to accommodate projects we are really excited about, and not just to grow for the sake of growth. For more about us, see how we work:

Technically, we’re looking for the following:
  • Complete comfort in single page React apps. We aren't dogmatic but have settled onto React as our default choice for JavaScript heavy frontends. You should be comfortable jumping into existing projects, and not afraid to spin up new ones. You aren't expected to understand all the minutiae of the React reconciliation or to invent new coding patterns, but you should be comfortable being solo with the code for large stretches.
  • Strong sense of product and UI/UX. We don’t pixel push here, so having an understanding of how users behave is required in order to not overload our teammates.
  • Fundamental understanding of HTML/CSS. You should know when/why to make tradeoffs between React and the native browser.
We hope to blend our experiences with yours to create something better for all of us. We work best with people who describe themselves as a:
  • Self-starter. Maybe even a freelancer, contractor, or entrepreneur previously. You love to solve problems using software and build lasting products. You're able to take a large project and break it down into workable chunks. You don't wait for perfect tickets before starting.
  • Fantastic communicator. You know how to articulate your reasons for or against critical decisions, and are capable of disagreeing and committing. You equally enjoy giving feedback and receiving advice for both soft and hard skills.
  • Non-Dogmatic with technologies. You believe in using the right tool for the job, not just using the latest hot trend. Also, you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty in technologies that aren’t your job description, such as Rails, Docker, or Vue.
  • Easy-going individual. A small company isn't always a stress-free environment, but we're not curing brain cancer here. Everything is pretty amazing, and if you feel the same way, you'll get along with us splendidly.
We are excited to have a new team member, not a new employee. We won’t waste your time - our interview process is straightforward:
  1. Email us at, and please include your resume and/or link to your LinkedIn profile, along with a short writeup (1-4 sentences) on why you're interested in working together.
  2. Informal video interview where we get to know each other and discuss expectations. If there's mutual interest, we’ll ask you for a recent writing sample (a blog post, email, ticket, or PR).
  3. Technical Interview #1. We'll open a repo together, and work through some issues over LiveShare. We hope to get a sense of your working preferences, while giving you a preview of the type of work we do and how we do it. You shouldn't expect any gotcha questions like bubble sorts, but there will be an unsolvable problem or two.
  4. Technical Interview #2. About a week after the first Technical Interview, we’ll architect and plan a brand new product together dynamically. The purpose is to get a sense of our team dynamics, so we'll have you lead the process as if the project will be yours to lead for the next few months.
  5. We’ll send you an offer within a week.
That's it! We don't like drawn-out interview processes any more than you do.

- Miro, Brandon, Veronika, Brian, and Eugene