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Remote Growth Marketing Manager job at Hatch Coding

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💡 About this Role:

You are about to walk into a role where the company strategy for user acquisition is to fire the cash cannon early and often. Your role will be to figure out where to fire the cash cannon and to bring in a ton of users as the company goes through massive growth over 2 years. This role is a unique opportunity for someone that enjoys the intersection of Product and Marketing. You will be focused on driving all aspects of Growth strategy and delivering an amazing experience from visit to sign-up. We’re looking for an experienced T-Shaped marketer that can handle multiple areas of the marketing funnel.
You will collaborate closely with the Engineering, Customer Success, Marketing and the overall leadership team to instrument the user journey, surface areas where there is friction, and help prioritize key product features to attain our growth goals. 

⚖️ Responsibilities
  • Managing Growth Strategy: Designing and leading the implementation of our growth strategy by suggesting and implementing product changes to create a better customer experience for new and existing customers. 

  • You will own our strategy and performance, deciding where to allocate resources in some or all of SEO, Social Media, paid ads (search and social), email nurturing systems, referral systems, and affiliate or influencer systems. You get to focus on the area or areas where you think will drive the most growth.

  • You will identify issues, and partner with relevant teams to solve them.

  • You will use both owned media channels (website, email, in-app) and Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn) to grow new user acquisition, activation, and engagement in a scalable and efficient way.
  • Optimizing the Customer Journey: You will work closely with both data and analytics and detailed individual customer experiences to understand the Hatch Coding customer journey, and leveraging insights to reduce friction and unlock new growth opportunities - the combination of data and anecdotes will be the magic.
  • Testing & Reporting: Working with our initiative owners, developing structured tests across our end-to-end customer funnel, analyzing results for actionable insights, and leading regular reporting on our customer acquisition efforts. You will manage all the tools and analytics, and provide applicable data and insights to the leadership team.

  • Oversee end-to-end cross-channel Growth Experiments design, build, and release.

  • Constantly be on the lookout for a first-mover advantage on any tactic or growth hack.

🧠 About You:
  • You have 5-7 years of experience building and running a growth organization within a DTC SaaS business. Key skills include creating and running demand programs, instrumentation, campaigns, growth strategy, and interfacing with product to drive increase in conversion through the funnel.  

  • Knowledge of best practices in the areas you focus on (e.g. SEO, paid ads, referral systems, Social media).

  • Long term, help deliver on a cohesive, coherent SEO strategy, using knowledge of search engine algorithms and ranking strategies, and passion to stay informed about trends in SEO and online marketing.
  • You have experience working at a high-growth startup and thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.
  • You’re naturally analytical, but seek solutions through a creative lens with an understanding of content and design.
  • You are results-driven, proactive, and take a hands-on approach in campaign management to hit key goals. An ideal candidate will drive a data-driven marketing strategy through quantitative analysis of customer insights and A/B testing approach, while using individual customer anecdotes to gain color and context around the data.

  • Experience with Parent audiences within the education industry is strongly preferred.

If you feel like you’re an excellent fit for this role, we’d love to hear from you! 👇

Job posted 2021-05-17