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Remote Innovation Product Manager job at Dobility, Inc. (SurveyCTO)

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We're looking for a passionate, entrepreneurial individual to join our product team and help expand the reach of SurveyCTO — a mobile data collection platform already used by thousands of teams across 165 countries — to new users and use cases. As the first product manager at Dobility dedicated to innovation and new initiatives, the role will likely start with a heavier focus on user and customer discovery; as promising opportunities are identified, the focus will become more balanced between research and proposing / implementing initiatives.

This position offers the opportunity to be a founding member of a new product team, with exciting opportunities to grow with the team. It also offers the opportunity to grow our global user base, increase our impact around the world, and make a real difference.


  • Identify and explore promising opportunities to expand the reach of SurveyCTO to new users and use cases by employing a robust product research toolkit, including:
    • conducting competitive analysis and market research;
    • implementing surveys, polls, interviews, and focus groups to learn from customers and prospects; and
    • forecasting revenue, expenses, and expected ROI of product investments.
  • Oversee the design and implementation of new initiatives, including:
    • developing, refining, and communicating product proposals, including sound problem statements, supporting evidence, UX design for the proposed solutions, and evaluation plans that allow for measurement of success;
    • employing wireframes, field trials, and other experimental methods to test ideas before committing them to development;
    • working with the Head of Product and Platform Product Manager to maintain a priority ordering for proposals selected for development;
    • working with the dev team to successfully implement proposals selected for development, giving them feedback from the product and user perspective, going out to gather more feedback from users or other stakeholders as necessary; and
    • coordinating with the sales, marketing, and success teams to ensure that the appropriate user support and communications are in place for initiatives proposals.
  • Participate in the evaluation of all implemented proposals in order to test assumptions and forecasts and learn from both successes and failures.
  • Interface with the sales, marketing, success, and admin teams as necessary to ensure that their needs and ideas are understood and factored into new initiatives.
  • Support a robust, transparent, and scalable product management process that aligns with the company's information security compliance program (including, e.g., its various software development lifecycle procedures).


  • Training and/or experience in business, market, and competitive analysis and planning.
  • Experience in product management.
  • Knowledge of modern software platforms, particularly small- and medium-scale SaaS offerings.


In addition to a competitive salary and bonus program, benefits include:

  • a 401k match
  • healthcare insurance
  • generous PTO
  • paid time off for volunteering
  • company matched donations to charitable organizations
  • a flexible work schedule accommodating different time zones and working styles

When you work at Dobility, you make an impact

Dobility's SurveyCTO is the most reliable, secure, and scalable mobile data collection platform for researchers and professionals working in offline settings.

At Dobility, we're dedicated to a social mission: to promote better research and analysis in the world by providing affordable, reliable technology that anyone can use.

Leading organizations in 165+ countries already use SurveyCTO, including the World Bank Group, Save the Children, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Innovations for Poverty Action, and many others. You can see other examples of organizations we work with on our website.

SurveyCTO facilitates important research, studies, and policies that impact people's lives

When you work on SurveyCTO, you get the unique opportunity to work at the intersection of technology and social impact. We may not be on the ground doing field research, but we're able to facilitate this important work by ensuring that global data practitioners are using the best data collection product for their work. We saw this so clearly during COVID-19, when SurveyCTO was used for a variety of pandemic-related studies, to adapt projects for safety, and create new projects to adapt to the dynamic situation.

These are the principles that guide our work and the growth of our product:

  • Data security. SurveyCTO is SOC 2 certified, and best practices in data security are baked into the product.
  • Data quality. Data collection should be transparent and carefully monitored. Quality assurance features, quality checks, and review workflows are built into the platform.
  • Usability and flexibility. Researchers and enumerators use SurveyCTO online, offline, on the web, tablets, or mobile devices. We strive to make the UI robust in functionality, but simple enough to use, so anyone — from researchers to M&E to field teams — can use the powerful platform.
  • Reliability and support. Our users deserve a product that works reliably, and access to the help they need. We provide 24/7 support to make sure that SurveyCTO creates as little stress as possible (and generally reduces stress).

We're in an exciting moment of scaling and growth. As we scale the company, we're able to scale our impact.

We're a team for fast learners, independent problem solvers, and people who want to make a big impact

When you join our team, you get the opportunity to help amplify the impact we're making on the world of research and data collection.

Here's what existing team members love about working at Dobility:

  • You get to own projects from start to finish: from making suggestions, to executing, to evaluating
  • The passion of each team member: everyone is driven by the social mission, and driven by personal growth
  • The opportunity for growth, autonomy, ownership, and the ability to directly contribute
  • We're growing and actively investing in our growth and scaling — it's an exciting time to be part of this company
  • Our users deeply appreciate the technology we're creating and improving. Every update we push responds directly to the needs of our users (and they're always thrilled!).

Most of our team members have spent time in the field, so we know firsthand the kinds of challenges SurveyCTO users overcome on a daily basis. We've founded data collection consultancies in South Africa, led data collection process improvement for programs in Mongolia, and evaluated impacts of microfinance in South India.

We've experienced the frustrations and challenges associated with collecting large amounts of data, which is why we're so excited about the product's current and future capabilities.

Job posted 2021-05-21