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Make industry-leading business podcasts with a passionate, global team.

Are you into listening to hours of business and marketing podcasts every day? Are you a B2B content writer that wants to get deep into the trends emerging out of the tech scene in Bangalore, India, the detail of how the largest law firms in America market themselves, or what poetic meditation and binaural beats can do for your gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor? 

Is making the absolute best interview podcast in a niche you never even knew existed right up your street? 

If so, we have the job for you. 

Lower Street is a podcasting company that works with agencies, consultants, and enterprise companies to make amazing shows. Shows that matter, that make an impact. 

From concept to distribution, we help clients to develop their ideas into fully fledged podcasts. And it's really fun. 

About the position

In this role, you’ll research, plan, script, and edit interview-based podcasts (no editing of audio, just words). 

You'll be working with hosts to produce weekly or bi-weekly episodes. Writing interview prep sheets, coordinating narration recordings, editing 1 hour of tape into a 30 minute scripted episodes. 

As a producer, you'll own the projects you're assigned. That means helping to develop the show concept and format, coordinating with the clients to deliver audio and communicating feedback with them and the team, and managing the project internally - ensuring deadlines are hit and that the podcast sounds and looks amazing. 

But don't worry, you're not alone. This position reports directly into the senior producer and works closely with our sound design lead, assistant producer, content manager, and CEO. We foster a collaborative culture and work together to make sure everything we put out is the absolute best it can be. 

Not sure which direction to go in with an edit? Can't decide which VO take sounds the best? Want someone to check over your script? The team is here to bounce ideas off and help each other out. 

We're invested in long-term development of our producers and of the work we do for our clients. There is scope to take ownership of this style of production within the team - of making the very best business interview podcasts out there - to develop the way these shows sound and the approach we take to making them.

This role is specifically delivering on what we call narrated interview podcasts. That is, tightly edited and scripted interview-based, weekly or bi-weekly shows. These productions sit alongside other narrative driven, story-based ('NPR- or BBC-style'), typically seasonal podcasts that we create with some of our clients.

You'll be
  • Researching often technical subjects and prepping interview plans for our hosts
  • Coordinating recordings, audio files, session files, scripts and documents
  • Editing tape, bringing episodes together (again, no audio editing involved in the role)
  • Writing narration scripts and coordinating with hosts to record them
  • Writing show notes, blog posts, and sometimes social content
  • Working with the sound designer on the creative direction of an episode and the final edit
  • Coordinating with the client and managing other contributors from the Lower Street team to ensure projects are delivered
  • Occassionally booking and scheduling guests
You'll have

  • Extensive experience writing B2B content
  • The ability to listen to raw tape and pick out the most engaging, important, informative pieces to form a story that educates, inspires, and entertains the audience
  • A talent for researching and understanding often complex topics and extracting their essential elements to tell a compelling story
  • Script writing experience
  • The ability to work to deadlines so that shows never miss schedule
  • A critical eye and a close attention to detail
  • Nice to have: experience with Descript
Super talented content writer, but not experienced in podcasts (other than being a fanatical listener)? That's okay, tell us about why you'd be the perfect fit for us here and we'll consider it. We're more interested in your talent as a writer and passion for business and marketing content than specific podcasting experience. So long as you can demostrate a true appreciation and understanding of the medium, we can teach you the tools. 

About Lower Street

Podcasting for brands is all we do, and we love it. 

We're a small, fully remote, boutique agency serving global clients. With a UK HQ, our team is spread over the world. 

We're focussed on 2 things: 
  1. Making the best podcasts we possibly can, and
  2. Continually learning and improving on what we do - both individually and as a team
Learn more about us at https://lowerstreet.co/about-us

How to apply

Sound like a fit? We'd love to hear from you. 

To apply please email harry [at] lowerstreet.co with your resume and cover letter. Please include "narrated interview producer" in the subject line and a link to your LinkedIn profile in the body of the email (like: linkedin.com/in/harrymorton/). These are both important to ensure you make it through our automated filters.

If that all looks good, you'll be emailed a link to our application form which has a few questions for you.

Job posted 2021-03-20