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We’re currently looking for an experienced Product Manager, 5+ years in the start-up world, to join our team to help spearhead the creation of new products as well as improve existing products.

Product Managers work with their product team (UX designer & engineers) to identify and build beautiful, intuitive software that changes the world by equipping churches with tools to be vastly more efficient and effective.

The ideal candidate has Product Management experience, acting almost like a CEO of their product - able to mobilize and organize their team to stitch together business goals, intuitive solutions, marketing, and support needs.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to:

Lead Product Discovery
  • Ensuring a consistent stream of innovative products and services that customers love, that deliver on the business strategy, and that meet the needs of the business.

  • Assessing product opportunities, including what problems to solve and the value.

  • Provides a vision of the problems to solve and documents the product/project requirements.

  • Collaboratively guide the team through discovery, development, and launch.

  • Leading discovery activities (e.g. customer interviews) to assess for value, usability, technical feasibility and business viability.

  • User, business stakeholder, and compliance approvals in the discovery process.

Facilitate Product Delivery
  • Leading daily stand-up meetings.

  • Sprint planning and task breakdown.

  • Conversations around the identification of technical dependencies across teams.

  • Leading sprint retrospectives.

  • Understanding, communicating and resolving impediments in the delivery pipeline as they relate to the overall success of the project plan.

  • Determines prioritization of tasks for the product team - encompassing product discovery tasks, as well as the backlog engineers, work from.

  • Eliciting and consolidating customer feedback through surveys, beta testing, user testing, customer development program, etc. to ensure the product stays focused on meeting customer needs.

Ensure Product Success
  • Establishing, measuring, and reporting on Objectives and Key Results as well as Product Health Metrics.

  • Partnering with key stakeholders and other parts of the organization to ensure insights and progress on the product are shared effectively.

  • Provide data and evidence for the team not just in product discovery but also on how the product performs relative to business goals.

  • 5+ years experience within a modern product team. 
  • Proven track record of getting products built and in the hands of customers while functioning as the product manager. 
  • Passionate about magnifying the impact of the church. 
  • Phenomenal written and verbal communication skills.
  • A high value for fun, finding meaning in your work, the ability to laugh at yourself, and being a team player.

Office Requirements 
  • Breeze is a fully distributed team (100% remote) with travel required 3-4 times per year. 
  • US based candidates only.

Job posted 2021-05-15