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ListReports® is a 6 year old technology company in the real estate space on a mission to make buying and selling a home a truly delightful experience. To us, this mission is urgent, and we pour our hearts, minds, and every bit of energy we have into it. We have a flywheel-driven business model with a company culture that is built upon helping people uncover their biggest strengths and empowering them to use them to the fullest extent possible. We’re also delightfully weird, and take pride in being authentically ourselves. If this sounds like a place you’d find interesting -- keep reading!

We are looking to add two Product Managers to our Product team. This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime to truly make a difference in an industry that is behind the times (yet has so much potential!). We’re looking for Product Managers who can lean into new seats at our expanding Product table while also adapting, pivoting, and working fast. The right Product Managers for us, in our current life-cycle, are delightful folks who can hold their own and talk technical shop with our Engineering and QA teams. We’re looking for two different people with technical chops and different product backgrounds:

  1. Product Manager who is more of a Generalist - minimum 2 years of experience
  2. Product Manager with a Consumer Product Background - minimum 5 years of experience
The pandemic forced everyone to re-evaluate how things “work”, which is why we adopted a permanent “work from anywhere” company culture, meaning you have complete freedom to decide where you want to work (at home, at a coffee shop, in our office in Orange, California once it reopens safely, or traveling the country in a blinged out RV). As long as you’ve got a strong WIFI signal, you’re good. Therefore, we are open to candidates in any location in the US.

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What you’ll do at ListReports® 

This is a “roll up your sleeves and get sh*t done” type of role. But it’s not just that, it’s also a role where you’ll get to imagine, think critically, strategize and problem solve on the regular. Measurement matters, so you have to care about and be comfortable leaning into data. Sometimes, you’ll have to break the standard process in favor of speed. And, many times, you’ll have to explain technical things to non-technical people (without pulling your hair out!). In this role, you will:

  • Learn about our users and customers, be their ultimate champion
  • Define product strategy and roadmaps 
  • Participate in team brainstorming sessions for new ideas and enhancements (and take ownership in driving it into reality)
  • Write detailed tickets for Designers and Engineers
  • Be the glue between key stakeholders (our Data Science team, Designers, Engineering, and QA)
  • Work with various other departments to gather information, concerns and needs (Legal, Communications, Sales, Customer Success)
  • Constantly evaluate and think of ways to improve any manual processes and look to automate as much as possible (or at the minimum, make things easier!)
  • Review success data and track KPI’s
  • Prioritize features and bugs to match our roadmap
  • Communicate new enhancements and bug fixes to affected departments
  • Groom backlogs (it’s not glamorous but, hey, we’re a start up!)
You must be exceptional in the following ways: 
  • Open to New Ideas and Vocal: We’re glad you have experience, that’s freaking rad. But you’ve also got an open mind and don’t simply want to replicate what you’ve already done. You also don’t settle on proposed solutions easily because maybe there’s another way to look at it, or another way to tackle it. And, you’ll always speak up, you’ve got a lot of courage but not an ego.
  • Communication: You never heard the term “I don’t understand what you mean”. A lot, if not most, of your work day will be collaborating with others. You are talented enough to know how to vary your message and approach to various people and audiences.
  • Organization: You are focused and maniacal about documentation, lists, and juggle chaos like a boss. Even when you’re juggling, context switching and jumping from meeting to meeting, you’re able to keep things from falling through the cracks and always moving forward. 
  • Relentlessly Solution Oriented: That thing that seems far fetched? You are down for it. You don’t give up just because it sounds hard. You think of every possible thing available to make it work and try every path possible. Even if you can’t reach the end goal tomorrow, you know you can still build towards it.

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset, this is an opportunity to test and take yourself (and our product!) as far as you want to -- the sky’s the limit! Since we are a start up, you get to wear many hats and for the right people, that’s totally fun. Our Product team has an incredible team culture and you won’t be climbing to new heights alone. If you have tech industry experience, we’re absolutely interested. If you have real estate experience on top of that, we would absolutely rush to meet you!

OpportunityEmployer: ListReports® is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Job posted 2021-05-14