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Please only apply for this role if you are physically located in Asia, the Middle East, or Europe. While this is a remote position, we can not consider candidates that are not based in these regions.

Are you an expert at doing ad research, coming up with ad strategies, and running Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns?

Are you great at writing compelling ads that convert, and boosting client ROAS?

Do you want to work with a highly experienced team of business builders/marketers, where you can do what you love - running ads, making money, learning - and get to work with an array of clients?

Rocket Conversions is a well established, remote digital ad agency. We want exceptional media buyers that have already managed millions of $ profitably on Facebook ads across many niches and industries.

This position is:

~ 100% Remote
~ Full or Part- Time Contract Position
~ Available 9am-5pm (GMT+7 Time Zone)

We are looking for someone who can handle these responsibilities:

- Understand and own the budget & strategy of client campaigns and client funnel 
- Audience research, create campaigns/audience building + ad creation
- Task out different components of a campaign such as images, video editing, copy proof-reading to the creative team
- Review, edit & load ad assets as needed
- Place and verify pixel to ensure proper campaign tracking
- Optimize campaigns to ensure the lowest possible cost per result and an overall positive ROI, on a daily basis
- Proactively create, execute, and optimize creative strategies to consistently drive purchases, or leads, or achieve whatever the objective is
- Write effective advertising copy according to specific ad copy methodologies
- Produce updates to our director of marketing, along with recommendations and results
- Follow-up with internal team communications, questions and concerns in a timely manner
- Stay on top of and share new techniques, strategies and changes to test for better client results & campaign successes
- Participate in daily standup meetings + a weekly meeting with our director of marketing

The ideal candidate has:

• Minimum 2 years of FB/IG ads experience and can bring creativity, top quality strategy, and digital excellence to the team
• Availability in GMT+7 working hours
• Fluent in English with excellent and effective written, verbal, and virtual communication skills
• Ability to audit ad accounts, identify the opportunities, and provide recommendations for improving results
• High attention to detail, proofreading, writing and editing skills for accuracy
• Mid to Expert level knowledge of Facebook advertising (minimum 2 years of Facebook Business Manager experience)
• Basic photoshop skills are a big plus
• Quick learner who retains information easily
• Knowledge of various 3rd party platforms such as ClickFunnels, Klaviyo, etc
• Understanding of funnel marketing strategies & the psychology of advertising on the customer journey
• Committed to ongoing education and training to stay on top of the Facebook platform, rules, regulations, strategies and updates for proper ad execution, implementation & client success
• Other complementary knowledge and/or experience is a huge plus


The budgeted compensation range depends on full-time or part-time.
In addition to the monetary compensation, we also provide all team members with great perks.

Include in your application:

Please make a quick Loom video talking about your ability & experience with FB/IG ads. Let us know how you learned it and how you stay on top of the constantly evolving ads industry. The shorter and more concise the video, the better. Think 1-3 minutes :)  Include the video link in your application.

Job posted 2020-09-09