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Active Theory is seeking an experienced backend developer and DevOps hybrid to help build out the underlying tech infrastructure behind our new Dreamwave events platform. We are a small team, so this role is broad and deep covering many areas including multi user WebSocket servers, cloud ops and server management, backend development in Node.js to help shape out platform features. 

Recent Dreamwave events have included virtual music festivals Secret Sky, Hulu Pride Fest and tech conference RedisConf 2020 with major upcoming events in the pipeline. 

What You'll Do 
  • Manage cloud infrastructure on GCP. Implement reliable auto scaling solutions. Monitor server resources and usage. 
  • Support live events and ensure servers are running smoothly, load tested and optimized for expected traffic.
  • Collaborate in small, multidisciplinary teams together with developers, designers, 3D artists and producers to develop platform and experience backend features, primarily in Node.js and Firebase backend services.
  • Work on multiple, quick turnaround projects and frequently iterate on modules and core features with each project.
  • Learn, champion and build upon Medusa, our backend framework, to continually improve functionality and maintain reusable modules.
  • Work closely with backend and ops teams to continually evolve, improves practices and processes, and drive the platform forward.
  • Proficient with developing secure, production ready web applications in Node.js
  • Experience working on web applications at scale supporting high number concurrent users
  • Familiar with multiplayer concepts and able to maintain and develop features to both server and client side of WebSockets applications
  • Experience designing and implementing database schemas for maintainability, performance and scale
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform and services, including Firebase - Compute Engine, Cloud Firestore and security rules, Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage.
About Us

Active Theory is a digital creative studio based in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. We strive to make some of the best creative digital experiences on the web for clients all around the world. We are looking for people who are passionate about delivering high quality interactive projects for the web, at installations, and in mixed reality.

Developed by Active Theory, Dreamwave is a web-based platform to help brands, businesses and artists host scalable virtual events.

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