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Remote Devops and DB engineer (100% remote - Europe) job at Withthegrid

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About the Job

As a devops and db engineer you will be part of the team delivering the core product of Withthegrid: an asset monitoring application for critical energy infrastructure. You’ll be working closely together with frontend and backend developer developers, machine learning engineers and the CTO to apply the latest technologies to the Withthegrid product. This will give you the challenges and opportunities to apply your problem-solving skills whilst at the same time giving room to your creativity and ideas. All this is in a dynamic and high paced environment of a startup company.
You will be able to tell your friends and family: “Look, this is what I built and help maintain!”

About the backend 

Our backend is written in TypeScript and run by NodeJS. Data is stored in AWS S3 and AWS RDS (MySQL). We use NGINX as a terminating proxy for HTTPS traffic and a proprietary Go application as a terminating proxy for DTLS traffic. We currently run our applications on EC2 and deploy using scripts, but want to move to a more professional setup using Kubernetes.

Your responsibilities 

  • You will be responsible for the infrastructure (no downtime, no memory and CPU shortage), the performance of the database (no slow queries), deployments and migrations. A hard requirement is that there is never downtime. 
  • You’ll join our development team and work closely with the product owners to identify customer needs and propose the most effective way to address them. 
  • You will help to maintain our edge by staying up to date with software development best practices

Who should apply? 

This is a position for an engineer with at least 4 years of relevant coding experience. You are the engineer we are looking for, if you:
  • are curious
  • are fluent in (My)SQL, the way its indices work and how to scale it (and are able to discuss with the backend engineers how to improve the way they query the database)
  • are very experienced in setting up and maintaining a Kubernetes cluster
  • know the pros and cons of the various ways to setup a CI/CD pipeline
  • know how to properly monitor the K8s cluster and DB performance
  • take responsibility for your work (if the service goes down, you get out of bed - we don't have that now and want to keep it that way)
  • write composable, readable, testable and efficient code
  • know how to make a pull request
  • can discuss and deal with the complexities of database migrations
  • released at least 2 K8s clusters into the wild (references and/ or links to them are highly appreciated).
  • love to work in a team, share your knowledge and learn from others

How we work 

At Withthegrid we work in a professional manner and based on trust. Serious but fun at the same time. We enjoy focusing on our tasks and completing them to the satisfaction of our team and customers. If something doesn’t work the first time we try again and research where our thinking is not correct. We openly share and discuss the bottlenecks we encounter and ask for help when we are stuck. We are aware that our time is our most precious resource and that proper prioritization and resource allocation is key to our success. We take time in discussing priorities and who is best suited to pick up each task. We prefer shorter tasks with faster turnaround times because we believe each iteration makes the final outcome better. 
Our daily standup is our moment to share progress and to see where team member need to align. Our communication through Google chat / Github / Wrike allows for remote and asynchronous work. 

What we offer?

·     Annual salary plus holiday allowance of 8%
·     An equity stake in the company 
·     The chance to apply your skills to one of the biggest challenges humanity currently faces
·     A fun, inspiring and challenging work environment 
·     A growing team led by experienced entrepreneurs and managers with a good track record (so actually useful top-down and bottom-up evaluation) 
For this role we are open to fully remote within +/- 2 hours CET timezone. 

How to apply? 

Please complete the. assessment. It will test different skills: SQL, devops, critical thinking and personality. It will take no longer than 1 hour. Regardless of the outcome we will let you know the result. After a successful assessment we will schedule an interview with the founding team. You will receive an offer within 48 hours after that. 
If you would like a chat beforehand please reach out to paul@withthegrid.com / +31626414492