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Position Description
We are hiring a Tech Lead who will be responsible for both writing code and directing the broader network of Software Developers. In this role, you will work on the Product team and report directly to the Technology Principal.

What to Expect:
The rate of learning at early-stage companies is so high that priorities constantly evolve. Thus,
being highly adaptable and flexible is key. However, weโ€™d like to share a general idea of the
direct impact you could make within the first three months on the team:

โ— 30 Days
โ—‹ Get up to speed on how things are done at Mechanism
โ—‹ Get your first few individual contributor work deliverables
โ—‹ Learn our sprint process and be able to drive the tech team of a project
โ—‹ Work with the growth team to drive initiatives to its completion
โ—‹ Work with design on product initiatives

โ— 60 Days
โ—‹ Reviewed PRs on different projects and initiatives
โ—‹ Planned and executed a few A/B Tests
โ—‹ Managed a small developer team towards completing an initiative

โ— 90 Days
โ—‹ Guided less experienced developers on how to improve their code
โ—‹ Collaborated on defining the tech stack of an early-stage startup
โ—‹ Hired freelancers to increase the bandwidth of the team

What Youโ€™ll Do
  • You will work with the Product Principal and Director of Engineering on supporting and guiding portfolio companies on building products, selecting platforms, and analytics workflow.
  • You will work with portfolio companies on best practices for finding and managing developers either Mechanism contractors or PortCo employees.ย 
  • You will work on building Products at Mechanism Labs.
  • You will be a trusted advisor to portfolio companies on quick experimentation to solve or optimize business challenges by helping find platforms or building custom solutions efficiently.
  • You will do individual contributor work as a senior developer.

Who you are
  • Tech enthusiast. You are always on top of what is going on in the tech space and how new developments could be leveraged to help Mechanism and portfolio companies do better. A lot of our stack uses Javascript, experience is a big plus.
  • Collaborative. You work effectively with both Mechanism and portfolio company teams to solve the task at hand with the utmost empathy towards those involved in the task.
  • Strategic. You can efficiently understand business challenges and come up with a plan that addresses short, medium, and long-term approaches to solving the challenge.
  • Driven. You must be passionate about helping PortCos succeed.
  • Humble. You find it easy to check your ego at the door and to take and give thoughtful feedback.
Time Commitment
This is a full-time position.

This is a fully remote position. We operate as a distributed team and can work from anywhere.

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