Remote Full stack engineer job at SendOwl

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You're a great teammate located in North America or Europe and a seasoned (mid to senior level) Rails developer who might also know JavaScript, Sysadmin or UI/UX skills. 

You put users first and thrive in data driven environments - everything we do is tracked back to KPIs that matter to our customers. If we do right by our users, the rest will take care of itself.

You want to do what you love (Rails) without being distracted by commuting, long hours and office politics.

This job won't suit you if you mainly care about the highest salary possible (we do pay well, though), VC backed networking and a long list of office perks. Of course, we’d be willing to do free pizza over zoom to hang together, but hopefully the point stands.

You're ok solving hard problems and getting into the guts of the machine. Our code base has been around for 10 years, and we certainly have some updating to do to ensure we thrive long term and can scale with our users.

Job posted 2020-09-11