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Put Your Conversion Superpowers To a Good Use

You've succeeded as a growth marketer before, are confident in your skills, and are ready to use them to create a real impact on people's lives.

Flux Academy is looking for high achieving, growth-focused marketer to join our company.

We are a fast-growing bootstrapped company that builds the best online school for designers.

We’ve already transformed the lives of thousands of designers around the world by giving them the skills they need to make a great living as freelance designers.

This role is responsible for owning all our conversion efforts and will work directly with the CEO.You be in charge of:
  • Building & optimizing funnels: Planning their strategy, writing them, creating assets, setting them up, and measuring their success.
  • Build an engaged email list: By creating lead magnets, setting them up, and keeping our list engaged with regular content.
  • Planning and executing on programlaunches & promotions: You’ll plan when to do them, how to promote them, create the assets for them, and run the campaigns.


You have the following skills & abilities:
  • Direct response copywriter - can write high conversion emails, sales pages, ads.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies - familiarity with the concepts of funnels, Russel Brunson, conversion optimization, basics of FB / google ads, audience research
  • Marketing Operations - Setting up email campaigns, tracking numbers
  • Content Creation - be able to build pages, create image or other assets (or co-ordinate subcontractors), must have "eye for design"
  • Subject matter expertise*: design / web design / freelancing (*big plus)

This is for you if:
  • You’ve already helped at least 2 companies scale beyond $1M
  • Excited about executing the work (vs just managing)
  • You love writing and have experience in direct response marketing
  • Comfortable running on your own without having your handhold
  • You’re good with details, so you’ll start your application with “HOLA 🙌”
  • Excited about design & freelancing topics

This is a full-time remote position.

We are based in Tel-Aviv Israel, so you'll need to have at least 4 hours overlapping with us during your workday (which probably makes US / Australia not ideal)


1. Working in your own time and place
We don't care about 9-5. As long as you deliver great results in the reasonable schedule we set together, you can do that in your own time, from where ever you are. We don't believe in "hustling yourself to the ground" and we don't work nights & weekends (unless working nights is your thing).

2. Get Stable Income You Can Count On (even during a recession)
As a profitable bootstrapped company we don’t run the risk of running out of investors' money, and as an online learning platform, we are actually growing even during times like COVID19. You’ll be able to focus on your work and not worry about the next paycheck.

3. Have a Major Impact as an Early Employee
While our audience and customer base is growing rapidly, we're still a family size team where each member has a huge impact on the progress and culture of the company. These opportunities don't come often and won't last for long.

4. Best Tech Setup
We don't want you to be bothered by having to struggle with an old machine or buggy software. We'll get your ideal setup so that you'll be able to be super productive.

5. Opportunity to grow
As an education company, we understand the value of learning. We'll help you grow professionally and personally by providing you with resources for courses and events.