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About You

In a sentence - you’ll be applying modern software best-practices to solve age-old energy problems.

It’s perfectly fine if you have extensive experience in tech and are curious about energy, or vice versa. You’ll eventually need to understand both because your objective will be to facilitate our company’s transition from an agency (our dominant form of revenue today) to a SaaS company.

Half of your time will be spent on managing a budgeting and reporting tool for the Department of Energy. The team is quite talented and self-sufficient, so you’ll likely find yourself clearing the way for them more than needing to provide day-to-day support. Like much of our other work, the client isn’t as comfortable with agile as you may hope and instead relies on waterfall. We created a process that tries to blend the best of both worlds here:, which we’d be thrilled to revise and improve with you.

The other half of your time will be spent in product discovery, which includes both detailed market research and leading the team through the ideation, development, and launch of new products. All of us have plenty of experience cutting scope and launching quickly, but we haven’t been able to dedicate the necessary time to find something fruitful yet. Instead of fragmenting our days even more, we decided it would be best to hire someone to lead this effort.

As you’ll see in the next section, we’re purposefully small so your role will be multifaceted. If you’re comfortable with that, we’re hoping to give you a lot of control of not just your own day-to-day, but our collective future.

About Us

Bellawatt builds transformative digital products for the energy industry. Our team includes:
  • Eugene, a former energy consultant who is also a front-end developer
  • Brian, a thoughtful and creative jack-of-all-trades full-stack developer
  • Brandon, whose linkedin bio unironically reads “web application developer extraordinaire”
  • Veronika, a designer who values the UX far more than the UI

Together, after just about three years, we’ve worked with a who’s who of the energy industry, ranging from PG&E and Sunrun to the Department of Energy and Amazon’s Web Services team (hint: data centers use a lot of electricity).

We seem to have struck a nerve with industry insiders that want to see electric utilities catch up to how the rest of the world does business. Our work can have large contributions to critical issues such as climate and taxes, and we’re extremely proud of what we do. It's a difficult space - there’s lots of stakeholders and red tape - but the impact we make day to day by just moving some pixels around on a screen are worth it.

Some other tidbits that are hard to write about without stating bluntly:
  • This is for a full-time position only. We’re looking for someone who will grow with us.
  • We’re 100% remote, and therefore tend to write quite a bit. One example - - may be of particular interest to you.
  • We believe in staying small, and therefore hire slowly and for the long term. We’re building a small team of multi-faceted all-stars, not a conglomerate of single-taskers.
  • We are self-funded, and have both the runway and the upcoming opportunities to make this hire, despite the craziness of 2020.
  • We have to say “energy” because our work to date has been quite broad. Going forward, we’d like to niche down, likely starting with something related to electric rates.
  • For this position, we’re flexible with years of applicable experience.

A Match?

We won’t waste your time. Our interview process is straightforward:
  1. Say hello to us at We’ll say hello, too.
  2. Informal Video Interview with one of us, where we get to know each other and discuss each other’s expectations. If there’s mutual interest, we’ll ask you for a writing sample.
  3. Formal interview #1: With two team members, we’ll pull up a product and dissect it together.
  4. Formal interview #2: With the whole team, we’ll do an ideation session for an imaginary product we’re planning to build, and you’ll lead the process.
  5. We send you an offer and hopefully you say yes.

That’s it! Looking forward to connecting,

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