Remote Rails developer job at CityGrows

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We're looking for a impact-oriented developer to become the third member of our dev team. 

Dream candidate:
  • > 2 years experience
  • Experience building SaaS platforms and shipping production code
  • Familiar with product-driven development
  • Familiar with Rails / React
  • Willing to talk to clients and get feedback
  • Values design and aesthetic, collaborates productively with designers and other non-developers
  • Reliable (As a remote-first company, we need to be able to count on you to be around when we need you.)
  • Contributes to a positive work culture
  • Experience scaling infrastructure
  • Experience with security at scale

CityGrows is a fully distributed team and has been since we started (pre-covid). We're currently a team of 5 spread out across 5 states and provinces, and we've built our operations around productive remote collaboration. During non-covid times, we schedule retreats a few times per year to get everyone together face to face, and we're hoping to get back to doing them soon.

If interested, send over a brief note with:
  1. Something you've made or contributed to
  2. Something you're particularly good at
  3. A brief comment on what interests you about CityGrows
  4. Something that interests you outside of work

Job posted 2021-03-09