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Remote Remote Beginner-Level Technology Worker job at Tech Academy Utah

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This position requires no technical background or coding experience. 
We are looking for candidates with the following qualifications: 
  • Able to work with a team, 
  • Likes to solve problems, 
  • Willing to learn, 
  • Interested in gaining new technology skills, 
  • Enjoys helping other people, 
  • Analytical and logical in their thinking, 
  • Passionate about personal development. 

For more details about the position, please call us at (503)206-6915 or email info at 
About The Tech Academy: The Tech Academy Utah is an online technology school that specializes in coding bootcamps. We are computer programming and web development school with a campus in Salt Lake City, Utah. We deliver online coding boot camps that bring about graduates who are well-rounded, entry-level software developers. We offer classes in virtually every aspect of technology, including: coding, data science, cyber security, design and more. 
We were just awarded 2020’s Best Online Coding Bootcamp award. To learn more about The Tech Academy, please visit: