Remote Senior Backend Engineer job at CloudZero

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CloudZero is an early stage startup on a mission to help engineering teams understand and monitor cloud costs. We believe that building in the cloud means that every line of code is a purchasing decision, and teams need a new breed of tools to help them move fast without making costly mistakes.

To solve this problem we’ve built a platform on AWS focused on leveraging Serverless technologies to create a scalable event-driven architecture. We ingest and normalize millions of events from customer environments in real time, leveraging technologies such as Lambda, EventBridge and DynamoDB among others to bring insights to our customers about how their cloud infrastructure costs are changing over time.

Our engineering team values lifelong learning and holding a growth mindset. A core part of our engineering culture is inclusiveness, we believe great teams are made up of people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life working together. We are a fully remote company with engineers scattered throughout the US.

We are looking for people with a passion for building cloud-native architectures that are scalable and maintainable. We’re looking for people who are comfortable leveraging cloud services when building solutions so that you can focus on solving customer problems.

Lastly we’re looking for people who enjoy working on small teams on hard problems. We are organized into small cross-functional feature teams that use a Kanban flow to collaboratively design, build, validate, ship and maintain customer facing features.

You will:
  • Design, build and maintain APIs, services and systems for our main application.
  • Collaborate with other engineers on your small feature team to build out new customer features.
  • Help improve our engineering processes and system to ensure we have a group that can move fast and give everyone agency, ownership and the ability to impact the success of the company.
You might be a great fit if you:
  • Enjoy and have 7+ years experience building APIs and complex backend systems in the cloud.
  • Have a passion for building and delivering high quality software. Our backend code is in Python, however we believe languages can be learned while fundamental engineering skills are transferable across many domains.
  • Are comfortable working 9-5 EST, we have a fair amount of flexibility for people to get their work done whenever works for them, but any engineering or company meetings fall in that time block.
  • Write code that is understandable, testable and care about maintainability.
  • Are passionate about design patterns and pragmatically applying theory into practice when architecting out systems and code.
  • Thrive in a collaborative environment that values working together to solve hard problems.
  • Enjoy creating solutions that have a noticeable impact for the end user, we believe our platform will help other engineers out there make better solutions when working in the cloud.
  • Prefer small teams that iterate fast, as we are a small team that values transparency and fast iterations over planning out months of work.