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Remote Senior python (Django) backend developer job at Brownthread

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Applicants should be located in Asia or Eastern Europe.

We are looking for a key player in our team for a senior python backend developer position. We are a remote team and our people are currently located across the globe. You will be working alongside our development and management team, testing our product after each build until launch. 

You will be helping transition current development from consultant mode to in-house mode. This means you will get ample opportunities to grow within the company, and have good flexibility to exercise your technical knowledge.

Key Responsibilities
• Work on all parts of the web stack including the database, API, admin dashboard and DevOps.
• Architect and implement features in close collaboration with management.
• Manage handover from previous developer
• AWS Server/DB Management
• Continuously improve the backend architecture of our products

The candidate should have a strong command of Python (Django)  [+4 years of experience specific in Django] and thorough database knowledge.

In your email application, please answer/address the following:
1. Attach a PDF of your resume
2.Attach a list of all mobile apps you have worked on as a Django backend developer (provide app store links)
3.Rate your skills in Django and AWS (on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being a genius); provide justification for rating
4.Tell me a joke 

Senior Software Engineer (Django) (Medallia) Anywhere