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Software Engineer at Loop

Right away, we’ve listed what we think you’ll be spending your time on.  We’re growing fast, and growth means the challenges we’ll work on together will change as we lead Loop through new and different phases.

This is an indispensable role with us, so we’ll be looking for you to have examples of when you’ve tackled these challenges throughout your career.  We’ve laid out the experience we think is important to set you up for success in this role. But, we appreciate that different humans will solve problems in different ways, so we don’t expect you to fit exactly in a box of requirements.

Challenge: Contribute to building the best merchant returns platform ever

  • Design, build and maintain: 1. web applications and APIs for the Loop product line, 2. scalable infrastructure to support our demand and growth
  • Solve complex technical issues for our merchants, and care most about giving them an exceptional experience

Your experience:
  • Around 5 years of hands-on experience building web applications and APIs
  • Full-stack experience - you should feel comfortable developing on the back-end, jumping into front-end code and contributing to the infrastructure layer

Challenge: Help solidify the engineering practices Loop needs to be successful, focusing on scalability, repeatability and reliability

  • Develop solid automated unit and integration tests
  • Maintain a healthy continuous integration/deployment process
  • Figure out what our best practices should be so we scale effectively, and advocate for these with the engineering team

Your experience:
  • Have participated in effective testing processes on previous teams, and have opinions about how to create a quality-driven development process
  • Worked in environments that had continuous integration/deployment, and had a hand in scaling those processes

Challenge: Elevate the engineering culture at Loop

  • You should care tirelessly about the happiness of your team and support them in feeling fulfilled at work - we think this will start with coaching, trainings and mentorship opportunities
  • We’ll look to you to provide technical leadership when we need it

Your experience:
  • Investigated the happiness of your team and improved it - we'd love to hear about the customized approaches you took and data to back it up
  • Have a network of engineers who loved working on your team and would do it again
Our Tech Stack:
AWS Cloud, Atlassian, Docker, Lambda, MySQL, Node.js, PHP7, SQS, Vue.js

More about us here! https://loopreturns.com/