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LaunchNotes is a suite of tools for communicating product changes internally at your company and externally with customers. See for an example. Founded by Atlassian alums, LaunchNotes is solving 2 major problems
  • Surfacing product changes from technical to non technical teams within a company
  • Getting product changes in front of customers at the right time

About the challenge
Communicating product change is a challenging problem space. Some changes are big. Some are small. Some can happen all at once โ€” or incrementally. Some happen, then need to be reversed. Some changes everyone needs to know about. Some only a handful of people. Sometimes a change needs to be communicated at a super high level, and other times at a lower altitude.

These are the design challenges we are taking on at LaunchNotes. Please read on if this sounds interesting to you.

Here are the user problems LaunchNotes is solving
  • Support teams hear about new features from customers
  • Marketing teams find out about new product updates just days before its launch
  • Product managers struggle to determine who is going to be impacted by a change and who needs to know about it
  • Customers write in confused/surprised about updates or new features

About the role
LaunchNotes is hiring its first product designer. You'll have a huge impact on the LaunchNotes product, brand and culture. When customers say "I love LaunchNotes!" they'll largely be talking about your work. As the first product designer you will be responsible for crafting and implementing your design solutions to the challenges outlined above.

You'll be working in a small team and given lots of responsibility and opportunity to impact the overall product and business. You'll work directly with the founders on building out features and helping define new ones. You will be responsible for interfaces, information architecture, interaction and visual design.

A typical day for you would look like:
  • Partner on new features from idea to implementation
  • Create new UI/UX patterns and design elements
  • Iterate on existing interfaces to improve clarity on LaunchNotes concepts
  • Collaborate directly with engineering on implementing designs
  • Marketing site design, see for examples
  • Participate in and driving UX research activities. Youโ€™re not afraid to talk with our users!
  • Use LaunchNotes to communicate your changes to the rest of the company. Dogfooding is an important part of our everyday workflow.

This job is for you if you have:
  • Expertise with design tools like Figma / Sketch, inVision, Illustrator
  • 5 years experience, 2+ in a senior role
  • Experience working remotely with cross functional teams
  • Qualitative and quantitative skills to deepen understanding of user behavior
  • Strong communicator with the ability to articulate design decisions
  • Experience working with full stack, back/front end engineers
  • Experience working in the product management, developer or productivity tools space
  • Confidence to take and give critical feedback, challenge assumptions, and want to participate in decision making.
  • Enthusiasm for joining a small team in the early stages of the company

Nice to haves:
  • Proficiency with css/html
  • Proficiency in rails/react/javascript
  • Visual design and illustrations
  • Experience with communication products, public/private visibility concepts, and progress/status indicators

Job details:
  • Fully subsidized health benefits
  • Equity package
  • Flexible vacation
  • Remote position: work from where you feel most comfortable
  • US based

How to apply
  • Send a cover letter to with [DESIGN] in the subject line along with your CV or LinkedIn, and link to all relevant portfolio work

In your cover letter, please include:
  • A brief intro and what's interesting to you about LaunchNotes
  • What you're looking for out of your new position
  • A link to your portfolio
  • Highlight any work where you've handled communication flows, visibility concepts or progress and status representations