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At TestGorilla, we make hiring the best people easy and unbiased, offering pre-employment screening tests at an affordable price. Using TestGorilla, our customers save valuable time, make hiring decisions objectively, and avoid expensive mis-hires.

Our customers come from all industries and hire for a wide range of roles. Our tests are developed by deep subject matter experts (this is where YOU come in!). We reward our test developers (testpreneurs, as we call them) for their tests on an ongoing basis and help them create and improve their tests. This way we can offer the highest quality and widest range of tests in the market.

We just finished a €1mln seed round and launched in June 2020.

Our testpreneur are deep subject-matters who want to share (and monetize!) their expertise. We already have 100 tests in our test library, and are quickly expanding to add more. All of our tests are fully attributed to our testpreneurs on our platform and we include a short bio, a profile picture, and a link to their website or LinkedIn profile to help them showcase their expertise and increase their reach.

  • Share our passion for helping companies hire the best faster, easier, and bias-free
  • Have strong written communication skills
  • Are fluent in English
  • Enjoy teaching/coaching/mentoring in your field and thinking about the best ways to transmit information to others 
  • Have deep expertise in your subject matter (5+ year of experience)
We're particularly interested in subject-matter experts in the following fields (but open to test creatros from other fields, too):
  • Sales & persuasion (retail, SaaS, B2B, e-commerce)
  • Customer Success (especially B2B SaaS)
  • Product management/development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Marketing
You can review our tests by availability (available for development, in progress, completed) here.
You can also view the same list organized by test type here

  • The opportunity to create a widely used screening test for your industry
  • Continuous and long-term earning potential based on the use of your test. (You earn every time your test is used)
  • Recognition of your expertise through full attribution of your test 
  • The opportunity to claim your area of expertise early on our platform. We only facilitate one test per specific topic to our customers (which means you have exclusivity) and ensure both its validity and reliability for best results. 

Please fill in this form to tell us more about yourself and your expertise, and we'll be in touch!  
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