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Here's what we need:
If you diagram sentences in your head as you speak ... if you know AP Style like you know your own mother ... if you've ever kept a notebook of beautiful phrases just because ... then we want to get to know you.
We are an inbound marketing agency searching high and low for a spectacular B2B content writer. A huge differentiator for our agency is the amazing content we produce for our clients, so we are super picky about finding the right writing talent.
How will you know if we’re right for each other? Three big things stand out for us:
  • You havesolid B2B experience. B2B is different from B2C; if you’ve only ever written for B2C audiences, you might struggle in this role. 
  • You write great content – fast. We produce a lot of content. We also have tight budgets and high standards, so we need someone who can match our pace. If it takes you six hours to write a 1,000-word blog, this is not the right role for you – sorry.
  • You can quickly ramp up on new topics. Our clients span health care, IT, professional services, manufacturing and more, and you need to be able to write about it all – or at least quickly figure out how to write about it. 
You also need to be confident writing all kinds of deliverables. You'll be producing a wide range of content and copy, from strategy documents, buyer personas and positioning statements all the way to blog posts, case studies, e-books, white papers, webinar decks, landing pages, website copy, email copy, sales collateral and more. Basically, if it has anything to do with marketing, sales or customer service, we might ask you to write it. The broader your B2B writing experience is, the better equipped you’ll be for this role.
Of course, it also helps if you love to write and you’re looking for the opportunity to flex your creative muscles and get innovative with the pieces you produce. Our clients come to us looking for new ideas and fresh approaches to their inbound marketing, and you’ll be able to contribute to this every step of the way. We need someone able to understand the big picture of what our clients are trying to achieve, but also able to execute flawlessly on the details.
And last but not least, project management skills are critical for this role. You need to be organized, methodic, and capable of keeping multiple plates spinning at the same time – because trust us, you’ll have a lot going on!
But the good news is you’ll never have to go it alone. Collaboration is important to everything we do at Clariant Creative, and particularly to this role. You’ll report to our Director of Creative Services and will work closely with our fabulous team of Inbound Marketing Specialists and creative staff. For this reason, great communication and interpersonal skills go a long way with us.
Here's what we can offer you:
You’re going to love working with us. We're a small but feisty and fast-growing agency. Each of your teammates is quirky, fun-loving, slightly irreverent, but hugely talented and dedicated – and make no mistake, we are a TEAM. We value diversity, and we're striving to build a team that reflects this. 
We’re also a 100% remote agency, which means you get to work from the comfort of your own home office. This also means you'll have a fantastic commute, and we won't judge you if you wear bunny slippers to a conference call.
Because we are remote, we are basically ruined for office work forever. We embrace flexible work hours; so long as you get done everything you need to get done, we don't really care if you work at 2pm or 2am. You do you. (However, you’ll be expected to be available for client meetings during normal business hours). Also, because our head of HR really hates tracking vacation hours and sick days, we offer unlimited paid time off (although there are a few rules around using this benefit). 
And because we believe wholeheartedly in helping you stay on top of your marketing game, we offer ongoing continuing education opportunities so you can keep on learning. When pandemics aren't running rampant, we physically get together twice a year, including the annual HubSpot Inbound conference in Boston (where we hone our skills and have a ton of fun), and the annual Clariantpalooza (where we collectively set the agency’s business strategy and objectives for the coming year).
Management-wise, we believe in running this agency with total openness. You always know what our agency goals are, and you always understand how your own goals ladder up to the agency goals. We want to make sure we’re rowing together in the same direction.
The flip side of transparency is honesty and openness from you, too. We need you to help us continually make this agency better, and we believe fervently that the best businesses are created when everyone works together on continuous improvement.
Here's how we've defined Clariant Creative's values: 
Meticulous: We are serious about doing amazing work for our clients. We focus on the details, and we don’t do things half-assed.
Genuine: We believe doing great work can be fun. We love working with our clients and our teammates. We smile, laugh, and tell corny jokes a lot.
Forthright: We are transparent with each other, which means we communicate clearly, honestly, and respectfully.
Empowering: We want our clients and our teammates to look like heroes, and so we actively look for opportunities to do more and help them achieve more.
Intentional: We all have full plates and big goals, so we proactively make working together as easy as possible.
If you think your weirdness will fit with our weirdness, and if you think you have the chops to keep up with us (because we move a million miles a minute), then we encourage you to apply! We're excited to get to know you.
Requirements for this role:
  • Current Inbound Marketing Certification by HubSpot.
  • Be able to share a link to an online portfolio of writing samples.
  • At least 5 years of B2B writing experience.
  • Live, breathe, and sleep AP Style.
  • Knowledgeable on the fundamentals of SEO and keyword research.
  • Comfortable using project management software.
  • Experience using marketing technology will be a plus.
How to apply:
Our application process is in-depth and has several stages. To get started, please share with us your resume, a cover letter, and the five portfolio pieces you’re most proud of. We’ll reach out to you if we’d like to schedule an interview with you. If you progress further in the application process, we will also ask you to complete multiple sample writing projects so we can see your talent firsthand. 
Clariant Creative is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to providing an inclusive work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, and full of respect, open-mindedness and opportunity. 


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