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Senior DevOps Engineer

The Senior DevOps Engineer will contribute to a cross-functional team that takes a system-wide, holistic view of Kajabi's global SaaS products to create and maintain tools and infrastructure that elevate the reliability and efficiency of the platform.  

While the skills and experience needed for this role are demanding, the Production Engineering team are a blend of pragmatic operators and software craftspeople that apply sound engineering principles, operational discipline, and mature automation to our SaaS environments. We specialize in Cloud and systems, whether it be a database, the Linux kernel, or some more specific interest in scaling or distributed systems. If your experience doesn't exactly match what we've described but you think you would excel on our team because of other skills you might bring, please consider applying.

The Impact you will make

  • Resolve production incidents. This includes joining a weekly on-call rotation for 24/7 incident response.
  • Design and develop scalable architectures and work with application developers to ensure the architecture meets the product requirements. Production Engineers at Kajabi are whatever the opposite of Ivory Tower Architects would be, we collaborate with others and drive evolutionary change.
  • Run our AWS infrastructure with Aurora-PostgreSQL, Kubernetes and Hashicorp toolset.
  • Define and evolve infrastructure SLOs and collaborate with application developers to define and measure product-level SLOs and metrics.
  • Collaborate with Business Operations on initiatives around ETL and analytics.
  • Develop and maintain the CI/CD pipeline by offering self-service tools and coaching the product teams on collective ownership.
  • Plan and execute upgrades and other maintenance on any system in production.
  • Create tools and automation that reduce the need for writing documentation for processes and best practices.

What we are looking for 

  • Computer Science degree or comparable understanding of CS fundamentals including distributed systems, algorithms, databases (operating principles, schema design, and SQL), networking, and security
  • 5 to 10 years of combined experience as a Cloud, SRE, and/or DevOps Engineer, with expertise in AWS
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails applications in Production
  • Strong experience documenting and driving process improvements
  • Demonstrated experience leading automation infrastructure/application systems deployment and configuration
  • Ability to consistently evaluate current technical approaches to continue to be industry best-of-class
    Substantial experience with the following technologies is preferred:
  • AWS
  • Infrastructure/cloud automation tooling (e.g. CloudFormation, Terraform, Packer, Helm)
  • Databases & Caches (AWS RDS/Aurora,  PostgreSQL, ElasticCache)
  • Service Mesh/Discovery & Secrets Tooling (e.g. Consul, Envoy, Vault, etc)
  • Continuous Deployment tools (e.g. CircleCI , ArgoCD)
  • Containers and Container Management (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Network programming and distributed systems

Attributes for Success

  • The most important thing we look for is solid systems engineering skills. Almost all our products and infrastructure tools are written in Ruby and Terraform, but expertise in another language and an interest in learning Ruby would also work.
  • You prefer to be a generalist and enjoy working across as many parts of the system as possible.
  • Real-time problem solving and debugging skills. We are on-call for production incidents and our customers' businesses depend on us to restore service quickly.
  • Experience designing, developing, and operating web application architectures at a moderate scale. We favor software engineering skills over traditional IT operations experience, but if you've never worked on a system with hundreds or thousands of requests per second, you might struggle to excel in this role.
  • Ability and eagerness to learn languages, data stores, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms.
  • Experience collaborating on a cross-functional team. While some of our work requires a heads-down focus by a solo contributor, much of what we do requires collaboration within the team or with other teams to design and deliver infrastructure that is optimized across business units and ever-changing product requirements.

Kajabi Team Benefits Package

  • Fully paid health insurance and dental insurance for self and family
  • Fitness Incentives Package
  • Company 401K, 100% match up to 6% of employee contributions 
  • Company Funded Headspace Account
  • Company Funded Audible for Business Account
  • Funded HSA account

Educational Allowances

Educational opportunities will be offered for the Senior DevOps Engineer at the discretion of the SVP of Technology and could include participating in a mentorship program, training to further specific career goals, books or digital content to supplement education and attendance at conferences areas of interest and impact for Kajabi’s overall goals and your desired career goals.

One-On-One Process

The Senior DevOps Engineer will meet weekly with the Director of Engineering to catch up and discuss their role. The goal of these meetings is to identify areas where the company and individuals can improve, what areas they’re needing more guidance on, and where the Kajabi leadership team can lend time or resources to help meet goals. It’s also a time to discuss specific expectations and discuss any areas of concern you may have about your job or your team.

How To Apply

Sound like a good fit for you? Click apply, below!

  • Links - Send along any links that best showcase your experience, i.e. your portfolio, Github profile, LinkedIn, blog posts or other writing samples.
  • Cover Letter - Please provide a cover letter that aligns directly to this role. Introduce yourself as a part of our team and tell us why you’re interested in Kajabi! Show us how you could make an impact in Kajabi’s future as well as how Kajabi can influence yours. Feel free to get creative! We are committed to providing our undivided attention to you! 


Kajabi LLC  is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable law.

Job posted 2021-04-24