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Remote Senior Product Manager job at Wordwall

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We’re looking for a product manager who is passionate about education and technology, who is an excellent analyst, communicator and organiser of projects and people. The ideal candidate will have 5 years experience working as a software product manager.

You will be responsible for assessing what new features Wordwall needs and ensuring that they get delivered. You will be working collaboratively with the management team and our developers, designers, and user researchers. You will become an expert on both our product and our users, advocating for ideas that will make the biggest difference to our product and steer us away from unimportant work. We will rely on you to bring everyone together to make sure a process is followed and quality is ensured.

We are an equal opportunities employer. We support flexible working arrangements - full or part time.

Real applicants only - please do not contact us if you represent an agency.

You will have:
  • excellent teamwork skills
  • the ability to positively influence cross-functional teams without formal authority
  • the willingness to become an expert with respect to the company’s products, its users, and the competition
  • previously translated product strategy into planned work at the highest level
  • laser-focus on results and process, with an eye for detail
  • a passion for education and interactive games

  • study the company’s product and users to become an expert on how the product works to cater to our users’ needs and business priorities
  • dig deep into user feedback and analytics data to make a case for new work
  • shape projects into achievable packages of work that meet those needs and use cases
  • keep projects on track for delivery

£45 - 55k per year
30 days holiday per year
100% remote & flexible work

Job posted 2021-06-25