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Remote SEO Manager Maternity Leave Contract for Remote Shopify Agency job at Digital Darts

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If you want to freedom to grow online stores through organic search, work with small business owners who respect you as they turn to you for direction, and depart from an agency churn-and-burn model with poor freedom and room for growth, you have come across a job you will love. Though this is a contract position to replace our full-time SEO manager on maternity leave for 6-months, there is continued work opportunities afterwards.

We’re an Australian marketing agency who helps Shopify stores worldwide get more sales. We were the first dedicated marketers in Australia to get into the official Shopify Expert program. Shopify staff and top Shopify agencies refer to our guides and support for marketing help.

You have the opportunity to work from wherever you want growing ecommerce businesses that make the world better. Shopify is the largest and fastest growing ecommerce platform used by small, innovative starts up and large brands. We’ve been doing this remote thing well for 6-years before the pandemic shook the world.

Working At Digital Darts:

Our job at Digital Darts is to accelerate the growth of Shopify stores. We do so remotely. Some of our staff have lived on remote organic farms or enjoyed working at home as new parents. Everyone enjoys working with Digital Darts—100% of all team members are still with us after 3.5 years of hiring.

Our current SEO manager is going on maternity leave so we’re in need of a full-time SEO Manager. You will work with all that’s involved in SEO from technical audits, strategy, content, link building, and managing contractors. Your work is about growing client stores through organic search.

You Are Excellent At:

  • Writing and editing. You’ll work with writers, reviewing their work, and write to produce SEO-rich elements appealing to people derived from keyword research.
  • Extensive knowledge of technical SEO and auditing websites. For example, you know valid hreflang tags and the difference between 301 and 302 redirects. We’ll teach you what you need to know about Shopify.
  • Make SEO decisions from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, ahrefs, and Screaming Frog to get stores polished in best practices.
  • Link building. Always white hat. Creativity is sometimes required. We have the strategies and systems.
  • Empathetic communication and reporting with clients. Periodic calls.
  • Self-management to get work done from home, manage multiple accounts, reflect on your performance, and openly communicate with our director. Transparency and responsibility is the backbone of successful collaboration.

Who You Are:

It’s important we fit you as well as you fit us. We’re definitely not a fit if you work for a past client or are someone considering our services. There are some personal qualities that will help you succeed in the role:

  • You have a thirst to master SEO. You study industry experts. If you do not have a curiosity to know everything about SEO, this position isn’t for you. You’ll still receive mentoring and access to world-class resources to help you grow.
  • You have a minimum 3-years doing SEO ideally in an agency environment.
  • You genuinely care for clients and their businesses. You must be invested in each client’s business as if it were your own.
  • A sound understanding of full channel ecommerce marketing and growth.
  • You show self-control and discipline. This is vital for working from home. How you feel must not affect your ability to show up and perform. We want people who demonstrate they hold themselves to high standard in everything they do because great flexibility is only possible with great responsibility.
  • You are a team player—that is different to a people-pleaser. You are positive. You want every team member to succeed. You can disagree tactfully with good reasoning.
  • You have access to fast internet. It’s critical to productive work.
  • Australian resident.
  • You value freedom of working by yourself when you want, more than being with an in-person team environment. You work from home with integrity. You are responsible for the performance of campaigns and will do so where you want. If you need a boss to push you, you will fail at this role. If you want to have team lunches or Friday beers with co-workers, you should look elsewhere.
You may not consider yourself a phenomenon who has already done amazing things with their career. That’s okay. In fact, the best performing team members have been diamonds in the rough. You’re as good as the results you deliver.


  • Enjoy the freedom to work from home or a hot desk. Work whenever you want, but in the first month you will do Australian business hours. Go to the gym during the day, stay near family, and avoid the morning commute.
  • You will take ownership of client accounts and with that comes freedom to execute.
  • This is a maternity leave position for 6 months. We have a list of clients and leads waiting to work with us after this period of time so there’s opportunity for continued work once the maternity leave period is complete.
  • Receive daily support from ecommerce marketing experts. Be supported to grow your skills.
We want you to become a World-class ecommerce SEO specialist. That means paying accordingly and providing the right environment to thrive. If this interests you so far and you fit, please take the next step by completing the online application form.

Once you complete the form, please allow a few days for a response. Thank you for your interest in this position.