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Remote Social Media Growth Hacker job at Loom Network

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We’re looking for a full-time Social Media Marketer / Growth Hacker to run our social media accounts efficiently and effectively.

You will:
  • Regularly draft and schedule (intriguing, amusing, helpful, and consistent) social updates to various platforms
  • Use analytics and data-driven decisions to drive more social engagement and click-throughs
  • Interact with our followers and monitor online channels to find opportunities to join in conversations
  • Identify and build relationships with industry influencers
  • Work closely with the Marketing team to plan and execute campaigns
  • Probably do a dozen other things

You are:
  • A social savvy wordsmith and meme master
  • Familiar with Reddit culture and how to write posts and comments get to lots of upvotes
  • Best Twitter practices and perfect emoji placement
  • Able to scour the internet and find conversations we can contribute to
  • Self-motivated and able to work with little direction
  • Adaptable and flexible (things change a lot in our industry and we move fast😉)
  • Wary of hashtag abuse
  • Tuned into the crypto/blockchain space
To apply, send an email to hello@loomx.io Social Media Ninja – [Your Name] as the subject. Please include:
  • Your résumé
  • A summary of what you are best at
  • Why you would be an awesome fit for this role
  • Your three favorite emojis
  • What you think of Craig Wright
  • Links to social media accounts you have managed (past or present, even personal accounts, Twitter and Reddit preferred)

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