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Remote Backend Engineer job at Physmodo

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Physmodo seeks an engineer to maintain and grow our web infrastructure. This includes a variety of technologies to support an in-the-field kiosk installation with a hosted cloud backend. We are seeking a generalist that can maintain and make improvements across our product set.

Experience includes:
  • Linux: 3 to 5 years or more of strong experience
  • Setup, secure, migrate, and backup remote databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Setup, secure, and manage remote web servers (Apache, NGINX)
  • Setup, secure, maintain, and manage remote control, remote terminal, remote desktop between Linux and remote Microsoft Windows systems
  • Setup, secure, and maintain continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines, practices, and tools (GitLab/Jenkins/Bamboo).
  • Windows PowerShell and light management remote admin.
  • PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL light development and maintenance
  • Securing and security testing
  • Virtual machine and network fabric management
  • Experience with revision control, such as git
  • Knowledge of nodejs is a plus

Other requirements:
  • Experience with remote work required

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