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Tired of missing out and dreaming of a brand new life?

Do you enjoy puzzles, developing strategies, and fancy yourself as the next Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew?

Are you an adventurer, who despite Covid, would still like to travel and see the world?
A lady who would like to lunch or a gent who relishes the prospect of a round of golf in the morning?

Perhaps you're a parent, who would love to be able to fetch their child from school and do their homework with them?

Maybe you're a nightowl or insomniac, dragging yourself through your 9-5 all day, wishing for an opportunity that has you firing on all cylinders at 1am instead.

If you're a musician, this is a great gig where your musical ear will be put to good use.

Or do you just wish you had more hours in the day, time to go to the beach, shop, feel the sunshine on your skin, and spend time living life in the light?

If this sounds like you and you have common sense, are observant, detail oriented and street smart, I invite you to keep reading, this may just be your lucky day!

The pay won’t buy you a yacht, but it's decent. At times you will lose faith in humanity but the work is fascinating and you will use your very large brain to its full potential.

Our dating site members are in need of your TLC. Help us protect the lonely and vulnerable. 

You will ensure members don’t have a Kardashian or George Clooney as their profile pic. Repetitive clichés will amuse you. The photos that make you wish iPhones never had cameras will morbidly fascinate, rather than offend.

We get the work done but don’t take ourselves too seriously. There's uncertainty in the world but we still have fun.

You’ll be working about 40 hours a week. The hours are between 12 noon and 12 am EST. Some weekend work is involved.

Put in the work without someone having to prod you, and you can have a great time. Prove yourself and join the ranks of our core team that has been together for years. We're distributed globally and have been fully remote since day 1.

We would love to hear from you! Highlight any past experience you may have in Editing, Review or Moderation work and please let us know if you've ever worked remotely before.

*Candidates from the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Canada are invited to apply for this position.*

Job posted 2021-05-05