Remote Founding Backend Engineer job at MagicBell

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MagicBell is the notification inbox for web & mobile apps. We are hiring a founding backend engineer to join the founders in building the new standard for notifications.

Apart from being an excellent individual contributor, we’d like you to help us hire and onboard other smart engineers and play a big role in building the company culture.

Tech Stack

Our backend stack is Ruby on Rails with a healthy serving of background processing. We use Sidekiq at the moment, but we’d like to add Kafka to our stack. We deploy to AWS using Docker and Kubernetes and utilize many of their hosted services (like RDS for Postgres).

Role & Responsibilities

As a founding engineer,  we’d like you to work on

  • Managing the backend code and infrastructure (which is code too!). This involves setting up new processes for shipping faster and more reliable updates.
  • Shipping new features to our admin (that customers use to manage their MagicBell experience).
  • Shipping new API endpoints and improving existing ones.
  • Managing our Ruby Gem (and other SDKs if you are a polyglot)
  • Optimizing database performance as we scale up to billions of notifications a month.

Required Technical Skills

  • Ruby on Rails - 6+ years.
  • Test-driven development with Rspec, and an understanding of integration testing.
  • Extensive experience with SQL (and specifically Postgresql).
  • A good understanding of software architecture & object-oriented design patterns (like SOLID)

General Skills

  • Good writing ability as demonstrated by documentation, README, or blog posts you have written.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Respect for other people's time - simple things like showing up for meetings on time, not canceling the last minute.

Interesting Challenges

We know you want to tackle interesting challenges and we have quite a few for you

  • Thinking of the UX of the product as you build new features or improve existing ones.
  • Building APIs that will stand the test of time (or versioned well like Stripe’s API).
  • State management across multiple devices with real-time synchronization.
  • Building robust logging, webhooks & analytics to help our customers understand the flow of their notifications.
  • Engineering reliability and performance so we can scale up with our customers.
  • Shaping the culture of our company to create the next Stripe, Twilio, or your favorite company.

Developer Evangelism

Our go-to-market strategy involves bottom-up developer adoption. Therefore our entire team is an evangelist for our product - all of us write blog posts sharing what we have learnt, and talk to users (we have some of our biggest customers on shared Slack channel). We have also built some fun little hacks to get developer attention, like our Hacker News Chrome extension and Firefox addon.

Our Offer

We are looking for exceptionally talented people who can play a big role in growing our startup. Our offer reflects that

Salary: $90k - $130k
Equity: 0.75% - 1.25%

We are happy to provide more details via email. 

Job posted 2021-04-14